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Ghetto Monk's Karma

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12/21/2013Sick fuck lol
12/21/2013The bouncing elephant :)
12/21/2013Thanks for everything! Peace and Blessings.-hugh m eye
12/20/2013You do man!!
12/20/2013You do a great job. Namaste brother.
12/20/2013It fucking turns me on when you talk that way.
12/20/2013Leave the gays alone!
12/20/2013Love it!
12/19/2013For the f the fags remark
12/19/2013Xmas and holidays... cp ;)
12/18/2013Tiny house! -astral G
12/18/2013Merry Christmas and much thanks for all you do - DoorBert
12/18/2013Merry Christmas! nice Santa hat--eekers
12/17/2013No one cares ....about this except you.... Repeat post...Boring
12/16/2013For superpinning useless threads
12/16/2013G4T shit... wtf??
12/16/2013For all your own pinned threads.
12/16/2013Chaos pilot
12/16/2013Love that respectful type. They are proliferating everywhere, even in my tiny corner of the world. Ugh!!!
12/16/2013Please tell me these George videos aren't you. If they aren't, I'll make it up with green for the rest of my weeks. If they are, shit.
12/16/2013Great thread....Lekker:)
12/16/2013Tarot is my forte... if you ever want a reading... hit me up
12/16/2013Great advice to the car guy. PB
12/15/2013Correct about van allen belts. - Voice In The Wilderness
12/14/2013LOLZ. Don't ever change and don't ever sell GLP.
12/14/2013Nice find: junkyfungus
12/14/2013Great thread on "understand this" -snark
12/14/2013Understand This! :)- Loved it! ~Christine~
12/14/2013Merry Christmas to you and your dear ones! I'm so glad I found GLP! - Eireann~
12/14/2013Thank you! Happy Holidays to ya!
12/14/2013Being positively positive. pool
12/14/2013Thanks for the site and your interesting posts! Bluebird
12/14/2013I love the quote in your signature!
12/13/2013Cute Santa hat
12/13/2013Was raised Catholic, and Mark doors, stay inside creeped me out lol! <3 it! ~AspartameAddict
12/13/2013Much earned
12/13/2013Cheers, Thanks for what you do. -w_nb
12/13/2013For restoring W_NB thought provoking post. =)
12/13/2013Condoms and booze
12/13/2013Baby got back....Love it/// Semper Fi Monk
12/13/2013Your threads suck
12/10/2013My favorite poster on GLP. Hawk02
12/10/2013This is for having to grow used to your letdowns
12/10/2013Here ya go
12/9/2013Outstanding, I quit Feb 4, 2001 @ 2-packs/21 years, I used Nicoderm Patches for 5 days ---- Juggalo ;-)
12/9/2013Stupid fucking idiot
12/9/2013LOL - salty1
12/9/2013You are a little heavy handed sometimes, but for the most part I am with ya. Nice timeline thread btw too. - Cookie
12/8/2013Bacon flavored popcorn! - YouAreDreaming
12/7/2013Merry Christmas GM! Cheers to you and yours!
12/7/2013Hello from nah :)
12/7/2013You deserve green!
12/6/2013Happy holidays
12/6/2013Timeline shifts? Hell yes! retiredsoldier
12/5/2013You are the best around. Nobody in the world can keep you down
12/4/2013I would bet money that the culprit is OLAF!! (insert dramatic music)
12/4/2013You taught me a lot tonight Trin - Too Dark Park
12/3/2013Love the laugh ... and the image! Let's go!
12/3/2013You come up with the best posts! SweetLilTT
12/3/2013LOL -astral G
12/2/2013Nice thread GM:) Did you square a circle too:D Much love..Magi
12/2/2013For giving my life a challenge in a good way love GFG
12/2/2013NOT THAT YA NEED IT!? But much deserved green!!..saved
12/2/2013Great threads the past few days :) Thank you GM! Love Angelseverywhere
12/2/2013Gratitude = peace, love & unity
12/2/2013I ernestly do.
12/2/2013Lovable GM
12/2/2013It's Friggnig monday again green from THE INQUISADOR
12/2/2013Correct on God. - Voice In The Wilderness
12/2/2013Took me until now to realize that you are a tard just like the rest of us. Primate
12/2/2013GM is hilarious
12/1/2013GM is as bad as the rest of them...
12/1/2013That's like hanging out at a strip club and being offended because you see tits. HAHAHAHA
12/1/2013Because I care
12/1/2013Lamest forum owner on the net
12/1/2013That was sweet!
12/1/2013James hetfield found his voice after reading one of your theads
12/1/2013There`s more to you than the naked eye can see.... .... .... ....en-eng`ko Marty
12/1/2013You really know how to get a girl all hot and bothered Mr. Monk.
12/1/2013Thanks Monk! ~CigarTigher
12/1/2013Sharkeisha sends you green :) eekers
12/1/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/1/2013From monfra for promoting racism
12/1/2013Enough with the racist threads and comments!! Thought you knew better... We're all ONE !
12/1/2013Karma is a Bitch
12/1/2013Thanks for pinning it - ap girl
12/1/2013This is where I thought you were going and am so happy to see it is!!!!
12/1/2013<3 you are a monk
11/30/2013Racist...it is only by caring and cooperating with all people, regardless of race, that we will survive
11/29/2013Thanks for info vamper works great - marillon
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