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10/10/2013Hi am an new memberling
10/9/2013Good post
10/9/2013Obamacare is shit. Holymeerkat
10/9/2013Cancelled Insurance Policy/Ocare thread, Ag47 :)
10/9/2013Thank you, it's cool wise warriors like you that give me hope that there may still be some good souls in this world :)
10/9/2013Hey GM
10/8/2013For making the effort before it's too late - Cookie
10/8/2013I won't play your rules
10/8/2013Resolve & Action in Truth
10/8/2013Too many green thumbs
10/8/2013Blood worms
10/7/2013Truth Seeker
10/7/2013For knowing your enemy - BoilerBloodline
10/7/2013Racist nonsense.
10/7/2013I know I am a bur under your blanket, but thanks for GLP ,Love GFG
10/7/2013I am with you all the way!
10/7/2013Make the rules?
10/7/2013Racists asshole
10/7/2013Why not
10/7/2013Sweet Brown video !!! - Indysmindy
10/6/2013For running a tight ship! GLP rocks xo eekers
10/6/2013For perpetuating the bullshit libtard repubtard paradigm
10/6/2013Good advice:)....Lekker
10/6/2013From green_girl!
10/6/2013They are messing with me. 4 posts deleted. LOL
10/6/2013Clear message
10/6/2013I love GLP!!!!
10/6/2013Hypocrite shill
10/6/2013There are 9 superpinned threads at the momemt and 6 of them r yours. a bit arrogant don't u think
10/6/2013Noaa essential services are up and www has never never worked for me personally for NOAA sites. This is nitpicking and you know it.
10/6/2013Dude you've gone all aristotle on us.
10/6/2013Dont panik
10/5/2013I'll never forget the shaving the A hole thread, haha...sweetnsour
10/5/2013Thanks for all the recent threads. Let
10/5/2013Change the record
10/5/2013For your threads...geminilion
10/4/2013You are so right on here...
10/4/2013Thanks for the info! Have a nice weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/4/2013Fucking NAILED IT....-Relativity
10/4/2013I am about to take the kids gloves off and brawl, keep up the good posts - Chrit
10/4/2013Kick-ass bossman ;)
10/4/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2013We need America strong
10/4/2013You need people like me around to keep it sane. Otherwise, what would become of it all?
10/4/2013Good post
10/4/2013Spot on!
10/4/2013You are so very right!
10/3/2013And sisters, of course, right?
10/3/2013Green to the monk from saved, thanks for including the fuck yes! section
10/3/2013Violence promotion
10/3/2013No one can ever say you have a lack of balls, i'll give you that. Mr Oysterhead
10/3/2013Like minded awesome website
10/3/2013Thanls for heloing solve my problem - R.P. McMurphy
10/3/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
10/3/2013For the great polls - DaRtHbAlLeR
10/2/2013Good Mod
10/2/2013Great Admin!
10/1/2013What the hell? at least you make the people think,ya know?lol!
10/1/2013Just as a suggestion, DO NOT change GLP! Keep it this format until the world ends... which might be soon anyway
9/30/2013Wow! Just wow!
9/30/2013Hardest lesson thread. Awesome!
9/30/2013Wise words and sage advice in your "world owed me" thread. Not just in your initial post, but in your responses to others' posts. Great stuff. :) John Kocktosen
9/30/2013Why blame the Democrats? Why blame the Republicans? ALL politics(ians) are corrupt.
9/30/2013Awesome story - DoorBert
9/30/2013For the big guy. :)
9/30/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/30/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/30/2013For always trying to start political or racial fights on your own fourms
9/30/2013For sharing your story. No one owes anyone jack. ~interested_1
9/30/2013I agree most "adults" are ignorant children I have little respect for authorities -Steamrolled
9/30/2013Thank you, please see my reply to thread! Lady Enigma
9/30/2013For sharing
9/30/2013For your mother - tough love, very hard to do. Sloane
9/30/2013Great story. (Mind Control)
9/30/2013Lol I like ur ship... my ship sucks and appears to be singing, guide me captain lol
9/30/2013For taking care of your family. Ms. Superduper
9/30/2013I don't agree all the time with you- but today I do.
9/30/2013For your life story. Great insite for me, thanks.
9/30/2013Tears to my eyes, good story - ag
9/26/2013Thanks for the PIN and Adding the VIDEO!!! -DILKe
9/23/2013Ooo baby, I like the way you think.
9/23/2013Love Spirit666
9/21/2013You really do push a race, religion and political agenda here. Meanwhile, world disasters get 2nd billing. Not good. ~ Knowbody Special
9/20/2013True, enough IS enough! Good thread!
9/19/2013Good to see ya.
9/17/2013Hey sweetheart-Rochelle
9/13/2013We are close AG
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