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Ghetto Monk's Karma

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11/28/2013HOpe you had a happy thanks giving GM o: - AtsuiPanda
11/27/2013Thanks for the e-cig advice! Juliebean
11/27/2013Love your posts. Happy Thanksgiving from retiredsoldier
11/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/27/2013Great Poll!
11/27/2013Hapopy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!! Hope all is well! PB
11/27/2013For spreading hate. And giving a false report on what is being said.
11/27/2013Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Trin! Laura Bow
11/27/2013For making this website possible!
11/27/2013Thanks for the info! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/27/2013Selling hatred for $
11/25/2013True colors of the Mayor....4H
11/25/2013Standing up for whites-Kamindaki
11/25/2013Just bleh bro
11/25/2013Thanks for the song.
11/24/2013Thank you my friend for supporting Isreal.
11/24/2013For being the MAN!
11/24/2013For all that you do...thanks! -Nem
11/24/2013Wow you really are...
11/24/2013You'd be a good white nationalist if you had the balls to call out on the biggest anti whites of all. Maybe one day you'll get there.
11/24/2013Man up ~ naga
11/24/2013Football Sunday GREEN From THE INQUISADOR
11/24/2013Keep stuff like this super pinned forever man. - Voice
11/24/2013White supremist
11/24/2013I'm glad you are now an Obama supporter!!!
11/24/2013You hit the nail on the head with O being the biggest traitor ever known.
11/24/2013Just because, of what you do here. Ty. WhiskeyEchoFoxtrot
11/24/2013Fuck that traitor Obama! -snark
11/24/2013For GLP, from the heart - re
11/23/2013Good Post
11/22/2013Greens from gonviral
11/22/2013Your wrong
11/22/2013You are trash
11/22/2013For your "if the aliens are black comment." :)
11/22/2013ISON BOOM- Revelator Stargate
11/22/2013Reasonable Answer
11/22/2013Well said GM!
11/22/2013For trying to quit cigs. DF
11/22/2013Good thread, this needed to be said by someone - V
11/22/2013Black person and agrees with you.
11/22/2013Good job! A w hile back I was down to 3 packs a week by vaping, then vaporizer was stolen. I replaced, but am stil smoking analogs constantlly. Ugh
11/22/2013You can do it.
11/19/2013Down the middle from the mound-FuckinA
11/19/2013Welcome back Brother
11/13/2013Beacause you hold a key
11/3/2013You suck
11/3/2013You'r back?? Aaaaaggggg The forum has been a much better place since you stopped posting
10/30/2013Lol, I chose the second option because it was there. Otherwise I would have chosen the first.
10/30/2013Cool observatory and hard work - undestroyer
10/30/2013The GLP Observatory is kick ass awesome! LoveLight~
10/30/2013You rock mate - Thanks for the Observatory and for making FW a FP member
10/30/2013Hey baby. I like your Observatory.
10/29/2013Happy Halloween - phi
10/27/2013IsOn - Chrit
10/27/2013Sweet pics. thanks bro-Mr Pasta's Magic Wishboat
10/27/2013Thank you for upgrading FatalW1shes
10/27/2013I know you don't need karma, but thanks for helping Fatal Wishes. It may be a small thing for you, but it's huge for him and all of us. Texan Buckeye
10/24/2013Primus sucks :)
10/24/2013God bless you! - Lisa:)
10/22/2013Racist fuck
10/22/2013Delete the website.. do whats good for the world
10/18/2013Stop being a dictator!!!
10/17/2013Bad Person
10/17/2013Sorry for hazing - thot you were the substitute teacher! ; )
10/17/2013Thank you for all you do for us, you're very much appreciated!! - Indysmindy
10/16/2013Be careful who you sell the site to - tell them not to change it too much or people will bail QUICK!
10/16/2013Please stay. =/
10/16/2013Karma, for your escape to a saner family life!!! morgan
10/16/2013Wait a minute, huge doom fail and you want to jump ship again? Typical and cowardly. Stay the course, the fun has just begun. ~ Knowbody Special
10/16/2013Thank you.
10/16/2013True crazy fuck
10/16/2013Revelation Stargate
10/16/2013Good work_GeoStorm
10/15/2013Thanks for this site. We as a country r so screwed
10/14/2013Drill sgt version and the tree hugger version. -Serendipitous
10/14/2013Border line gay! lmao -Face
10/13/2013Love the bison video hahahahaha
10/13/2013You crack me the fuck up
10/13/2013Haha eat a dick Obama! --- Munsoned
10/12/2013Cheer up Mr. Monk. in the end we win. :)
10/12/2013Nice poetic, stoic post, i liked it
10/12/2013Drunken drive by Drunk Uncle
10/12/2013Trinity, I am white, and have an EBT card because I am disabled. I'm far from a savage. Please give a break to those of us with need!
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