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10/9/2015Christmas thread came early :) ~Snuffie.
10/9/2015Green - MMP
10/7/2015Good job. - TGM
10/7/2015Thanks for staying loyal to us!--We are all DOOMED!
10/7/2015For kicking out the trash!
10/7/2015Fuck Hal Turner
10/7/2015For banning the ratfink.
10/7/2015For BTFO Hal Turner! Thank you!
10/7/2015Glad to see this.
10/7/2015For banning Hal and keeping GLPer's safe!
10/7/2015Cheers GM - that was good!
10/7/2015Good call om axing the FBI spy - KountryKang
10/7/2015Thank you for GLP
10/5/2015<3 om
10/5/20151 Cheers! Maguyver
10/3/2015Good poll
10/3/2015Great post about low skilled
10/3/2015Throw your chicken leg and run. lol. -revbo
10/1/2015Every Sin in Thought Or Action thread.... Epic. ~Bodhi
10/1/2015You never cease to amaze me...petitroche
10/1/2015Always has great topics to discuss!
9/30/2015For not being a muzzie
9/30/2015Confederate flag thread.. Yup times have changed - abeliever
9/30/2015God help us if this turns in to total war, no one is ready for what may be.
9/30/2015So I see your posting better threads than you used to...
9/30/2015Go for it, could be
9/30/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/26/2015From Centurion. Excellent Thread...
9/26/2015Great post
9/26/2015I pine what I want - RD... Fucker
9/26/2015For the stupid kid posts ~thetoolman
9/25/2015Best 10 bucks I spend a month. Idea. Put your karma in the red and tell everybody "people be hatin lately!
9/25/2015Get over the stupid muzzie kid already, every damn thread gets superpinned. GET OVER IT
9/24/2015Blows my mind also.
9/24/2015Saying what needs to be said
9/20/2015Nah-t thanks!
9/19/2015Nice rant. eekthecat
9/19/2015You'll never learn
9/19/2015For your frank opinion.
9/19/2015I believe this too
9/19/2015Thanks for the super pin! Munsoned
9/19/2015Thought provoking Love GFG
9/17/2015For being a cunt
9/16/2015Thanks GM. Centurion.
9/16/2015What a bunch of "clockblockers" lol
9/16/2015Gracious statement - hope many take heed! Thanks!
9/16/2015P.S.A. some people need to see this. Mr.R
9/16/2015Warning that not all CT's are sane - lol - WhiteAngel
9/16/2015Public service announcement
9/16/2015Ha-ha, I like you
9/16/2015Truer words never spoken!
9/16/2015You link tard, you :)
9/16/2015Show me on this doll... LOL - Factual Error
9/16/2015Thanks for trying GM. I know you mean well. WAAD
9/16/2015Loves cats. pool
9/15/2015Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/14/2015Shitty thread makes me feel shitty
9/14/2015Love Good Kitty
9/13/2015Beercan :)
9/12/2015Dace & Kali sez howdee =-)
9/11/2015GM loves his cat…)))
9/11/2015Always keeping things fresh
9/11/2015It all matters :)_```````
9/10/2015Tard thread is wise
9/10/2015That's like your opinion, man.
9/10/2015For your 'operating principle' - Yes, it sounds good. :)
9/10/2015Freedom of speech for all - Kai
9/10/2015Great topic. Thanks for the post.
9/10/2015Lmao-astral goat
9/10/2015<3 om
9/10/2015Thanks for not, well you know....sees
9/9/2015Where yo momma at Boy? She didnt bring my change back
9/8/2015A mans man
9/7/2015Fuck zuckerfuck
9/7/2015I agree, and this has me very scared for all of us. Be vigilant and safe. Thank you for this site, I enjoy reading and learning the latest news here- Audrey
9/7/2015The best forum on the internet! GodSaveAmerica
9/7/2015Frankie has more class and more purity of spirit than most people I know....Ditto, Sledster
9/7/2015For the upside down Flag
9/7/2015For being a total retard that spreads lies and fear.
9/7/2015From New Heart: )
9/7/2015Trinity... It's coming.
9/6/2015True words -sindywoow
9/6/2015Cheers Bud!
9/6/2015Thank you
9/6/2015You are the biggest sh*ttard i ever meet on GLP, please leave!
9/6/2015The Particle Being sounds like a really cool concept. gg:)
9/6/2015The Particle Being Is The Only Thing That Can Travel Outside of This Solar System...
9/6/2015Energy sperm
9/6/2015Sunday Green! Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/5/2015Mind opener , teacher
9/5/2015Wonderful ty ;) izzybeth
9/5/2015Nagger music lover
9/5/2015You create the best threads! keep making GLP the awesome site that it is
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