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Ghetto Monk's Karma

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4/17/2014Cool thread! ExploringTheTruth
4/17/2014Mind your own business.
4/17/2014Good line
4/17/2014The boss should have more green
4/17/2014Women are more thna just pussy. Disappointed you joined the He Man Woman Haters Club like a big Beta male. Bluebird
4/16/2014Hood <3 Rosie
4/15/2014Lol dl
4/13/2014Thank you and the mods for the unban I missed you guys..wildhoney
4/12/2014You da man!
4/11/2014Thanks and really no idea why glp banned me. now I am unbanned-
4/10/2014Best to you and thanks for a great website...
4/9/2014Hope all is well
4/6/2014Off the scale awesome.
4/4/2014Three cheers for Captain Monk! hip hip hICcUp ;-Q... HOORAY
4/2/2014Drive bye .. Rosie
4/2/2014Hope you're having a good week! -GALonF4TL
4/2/2014Thank you!
3/31/2014Thx for the coverage pin on the Ball marking thread. I too thought that would go somewhere) -= Travis Bickle=-
3/29/2014Because you always post true and cool shit! Go Ghetto Go!
3/29/2014For always being on top
3/28/2014Green for the monk! ~CigarTigher
3/28/2014Re: FBI Investigating Albuquerque Police Shooting Of Camper PC
3/27/2014Thanks for the info! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/27/2014Awesome work/site etc etc....n
3/27/2014GREAT THREAD! Im fed up!!!....saved
3/27/2014Providing James Boyds name
3/27/2014Good Points in forum, and good job on the site. XMfan
3/27/2014You da MAN!!! Kudos Brother!!!!
3/27/2014For posting the homeless man's name, so sad such a shameful unnecessary death for a man who needed some kindness in this harsh world - video.catnip
3/27/2014God help us is exactly right. He is our only hope in all this horrible mess of politicians and all else going wrong.
3/27/20141 ;)
3/26/2014Dang GM. That was pretty good (on the Pope thread. Ms.Superduper
3/26/2014Commie obama comment ar15-nut
3/26/2014For Caring about the little people, thanks trin and they thank you as well! Sick&twisted
3/26/2014You make a difference. Namaste, Comperio.
3/26/2014Control & Contain ~BSZ
3/25/2014"It is sad that I feel afraid when I see a police officer instead of protected."
3/25/2014Tru dat
3/25/2014EleKtroN was here :)
3/25/2014Guam, USA
3/24/2014ACA Truth
3/24/2014New found respect
3/24/2014For dressing down the copsucking Briefstain.
3/24/2014You said it all to brief - steelseries
3/24/2014For your summary of the 2 hour vid
3/16/2014A thinker
3/16/2014OMG, you're right.
3/16/2014Thanks for the wealth of info on the frequecies! -UJLA
3/16/2014Shit thread- Because of a few thousands are right wing nationalist suddenly a whole nation is nazi.. wtf?
3/16/2014Have a great day! :)
3/16/2014GH is a righteous dude
3/16/2014Has The USA turned against Righteousness? .... YES
3/16/2014Why so many people on GLP right now?
3/16/2014Digital mix guy :) thanks for thread on glp traffic
3/15/2014D Rosie
3/11/2014FF Liberals have been trying to disband CIA since Clinton administration. Don't believe the "show"
3/11/2014Green for your equality thread...saved
3/3/2014For all your posts! Keep posting! Very interesting reads a lot of the time. Thanks! -GALonF4TL
3/3/2014Thanks brother...Chas
3/3/2014For posting "The Day After" morgan
3/3/2014Wild man at the helm.
3/3/2014Another epic thread...you rock!...saved
3/3/2014Love your site and Love your perspective!
3/3/2014Smart boy - Apt888
3/3/2014Go Fuck Yourself You Low Life Piece of Shit!!!!
3/1/2014He's So Ghetto That he's a monk - UkShep
3/1/2014Thank you for sharing the "Red Glare" video. Beautiful! -Southern Lighthouse
2/28/2014Awesome bro
2/28/2014The Rockets Red Glare
2/28/2014Rockets red glare (USMC0369)
2/28/2014Freaking love u man! Kamindaki
2/28/2014You have too much green- Rochelle
2/28/2014Not that you need it (!) but here's some green gratitude for your Preps/Radios thread on 2/28. from Eggcellent
2/28/2014Timely thread, thanks.
2/28/2014Got your preps topped off? Got Radios? ... great reminder
2/28/2014For not being like Target and waiting until we've been violated! Thanks!
2/28/2014Thanks for looking out! eekers
2/28/2014Hack notice
2/28/2014Because you informed
2/28/2014Thanks for the heads-up! Can't see how to change pswd. Where?
2/28/2014Your Name <3 RR
2/28/2014Thanks for the heads up Captain Monk
2/28/2014He looks out for his members.
2/27/2014Hate on
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