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12/8/2015Nice fucking poll...GO TRUMP
12/7/2015Obama is a Muslim.
12/6/2015Always loving the bluntness of your facts
12/6/2015Racist pig
12/6/2015For your Obama thread. :)
12/6/2015Green for an alright person. ~Snuffie.
12/5/2015Myself as well :)_``````` Boots
11/27/2015Turkey Green My Friend~ Chugiakian
11/25/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
11/24/2015Right on about NATO war, have a good Thanksgiving. Ag47
11/24/2015There will not even be an eastern front
11/24/2015Best Post Ever!!!
11/23/2015So true.... they can make people do anyting - MoonEyes888
11/22/2015Soon. Enough.
11/22/2015Good post
11/22/2015Thanks for the intellectual playground boss! :D calx
11/19/2015Oh boy is right :)
11/19/2015Good comment
11/19/2015Fight for your rights!
11/19/2015Racist pig
11/18/2015For truth
11/18/2015I love your threads! You make me laugh! ....nutmeg...
11/17/2015Definitely agree with you on UN.
11/16/2015Thanks for fighting the good fight- Jackal
11/16/2015Couldn't agree more!
11/16/2015Damn right they are. No way they all just decided to massive diaspora all on their own. They are being pushed, to be sure.
11/16/2015Keep rockin them out GM!! -Relativity
11/16/2015Great comment, so true
11/15/2015Sunday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/14/2015LiveToTell101: always fight and never go to a second location.
11/14/2015Hear, hear, Ghetto! My family all says the same thing- don't just stand there, FIGHT em off! Be safe, kiddo- ScarlettOHell
11/14/2015<3 this post
11/14/2015If You Fight You Might Die! AdHocBOHICA!
11/14/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
11/14/2015Random green
11/13/2015Good thread -cavjock12
11/7/2015Yea for nuts! - Kraut
11/6/2015Never pegged you for a guy who liked looking at mens testicles.
11/6/2015Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/6/2015WAKE UP and recognize the Jewish role in feminism, communism, NAACP, etc. If you are afraid the name the Jews, we will lose
11/6/2015Agreed on feminists -- TrumpsTardCat
11/4/2015Solar sucks - no shit
10/31/2015Soulful trickster. pool
10/18/2015Soul. B8888 :)
10/16/2015Thanks man!
10/16/2015Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/16/2015You will burn along side of all his cast aways Monk....
10/14/2015Considering tonight-you have the patience of Job, Well Done Sir
10/13/2015This site sucks
10/12/2015Reason?! Cause You Da Man!
10/12/2015Sent you an email :) Perfectly Paleo
10/9/2015Christmas thread came early :) ~Snuffie.
10/9/2015Green - MMP
10/7/2015Good job. - TGM
10/7/2015Thanks for staying loyal to us!--We are all DOOMED!
10/7/2015For kicking out the trash!
10/7/2015Fuck Hal Turner
10/7/2015For banning the ratfink.
10/7/2015For BTFO Hal Turner! Thank you!
10/7/2015Glad to see this.
10/7/2015For banning Hal and keeping GLPer's safe!
10/7/2015Cheers GM - that was good!
10/7/2015Good call om axing the FBI spy - KountryKang
10/7/2015Thank you for GLP
10/5/2015<3 om
10/5/20151 Cheers! Maguyver
10/3/2015Good poll
10/3/2015Great post about low skilled
10/3/2015Throw your chicken leg and run. lol. -revbo
10/1/2015Every Sin in Thought Or Action thread.... Epic. ~Bodhi
10/1/2015You never cease to amaze me...petitroche
10/1/2015Always has great topics to discuss!
9/30/2015For not being a muzzie
9/30/2015Confederate flag thread.. Yup times have changed - abeliever
9/30/2015God help us if this turns in to total war, no one is ready for what may be.
9/30/2015So I see your posting better threads than you used to...
9/30/2015Go for it, could be
9/30/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
9/26/2015From Centurion. Excellent Thread...
9/26/2015Great post
9/26/2015I pine what I want - RD... Fucker
9/26/2015For the stupid kid posts ~thetoolman
9/25/2015Best 10 bucks I spend a month. Idea. Put your karma in the red and tell everybody "people be hatin lately!
9/25/2015Get over the stupid muzzie kid already, every damn thread gets superpinned. GET OVER IT
9/24/2015Blows my mind also.
9/24/2015Saying what needs to be said
9/20/2015Nah-t thanks!
9/19/2015Nice rant. eekthecat
9/19/2015You'll never learn
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