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easzq8's Karma

Total: 12 (12  User Votes) and 10

11/8/2012For love and appreciation, 141
10/10/2012Somebody fucked up! It was you. I will be haunting your dreams. TeeHee
8/29/2012Spreading the love
7/2/2012Douche bag
6/25/2012Intuition. -Seer
6/24/2012Transmiting karma over...Arizone
6/8/2012I fucking love you!
6/8/2012Your story sucks. You should feel nothing but the deepest shame for posting this garbage.
6/5/2012For not tearing my family apart, Ian, best wishes for finding true "single" love ;)
6/4/2012Good post-seer
6/3/2012Fuck off while you still can
6/3/2012Gay song. gay noob.
6/3/2012Last word
6/3/2012Thanks for your participation- SOT
5/27/2012This touched me
5/26/2012Love You
5/24/2012Ez cheeze is good stuff
5/24/2012Thank you. -Seer
5/23/2012No reason needed

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