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Anima De Lux's Karma

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10/19/2012I agree, you are a turdbucket.
10/19/2012Negative feedback and still clueless stop and think
10/19/2012Having the guts to be open about the horrible comments because of not agreeing with the fucking idiot Mormon!
10/19/2012Bitching about karma earns you an additional negaitive karma vote
10/19/2012Grade A Obama C*NT!!!!
10/19/2012Turd Ferguson
10/19/2012Put him in the Unemployment Office yes please...
10/19/2012Look. another liberal claiming victim statis. how novel.
10/19/2012I'm an Obama supporter: "Quit sucking my Oblabla dick and turn around so I can put it up your ass!"
10/18/2012Complete idiot without exception.
10/18/2012What the HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU????
10/17/2012Stop turning the gene pool into a cesspool faggoid...
10/16/2012You are a turdbucket
10/16/2012Why do you hate America?
10/16/2012Go suck a black dick.
10/16/2012Yes, I'm sure your strategy of rationalization will work to win over undecided voters unemployed and living with their parents. Good luck with that, I'm afraid you will be sadly disappointed
10/16/2012Stuffit commie
10/5/2012For your POPS... qarley
9/12/2012Otay buckwheat what eva!!
9/5/2012I Loved Your Poem!! scarlet
8/17/2012Stepping thru shadow
8/16/2012Spreading the love ;)
8/15/2012Nice poetry :) Your good
8/14/2012Karma Hugs! :) Love Angels
8/11/2012Thanks for testing by.. FIAT LUX
8/10/2012Mind your own business.
8/10/2012Being a good sport (waterman)
8/5/2012Given you love Oxx
8/4/2012Have a good weekend honey :) love Angels
8/1/2012On point
8/1/2012Low IQ
7/22/2012You are more like Jack Shit!
6/12/2012Inderstructible goTTku
6/4/2012A gift for you! - Demonic
6/3/2012For a good sense of humour...IRQ_1

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