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my name is 905's Karma

Total: 24 (22  User Votes + 2  Thread Reports) and 9

8/6/2014Good advice
7/24/2014Everybody thinks about apples and horses and 905 as a first connect it to horsemen of the apocalypse
3/24/2014Cheese and onion are always good for a packed lunch.
3/22/2014You funny guy ~UAP
3/12/2014My pleasure!
3/10/2014I usually give greens to the morans who gave me red - DVCMCM
2/25/2014I usually give greens to the morans who gave me red - DVCMCM
1/28/2014I usually give greens to the morans who gave me red - DVCMCM
12/7/2013Nothing to go on.
12/5/2013Maintaining reason and common sense re: Mandela thank you
10/10/2013Hi there idiot
7/28/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/27/2013RIP JJ ~ Beetlejuice
7/23/2013Just shut up your dirty mouth moran
7/5/2013LMAO Jedi
6/27/2013Wasn't me. -Astro
6/26/2013Astro here
6/6/2013You got this because you collect the pubes of Japanese hookers from hotel rooms, and use them to knit gloves.
6/6/2013For Frankie :) abi~
6/6/2013The truth is often hard for people to handle. - Knowbody Special
6/3/2013Ducky's Self Portrait. LMAO!_GeoStorm
5/30/2013Thanks! -Astro
5/30/2013Brown nosing newfag.
11/18/2012For posting on my thread... person445
10/19/2012Much thanks - DoorBert
8/23/2012For the Little Shop of Horrors call. Nice-Herman the Kid (You might know where my handle comes from by your movie reference).

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