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4/13/2014YOU are a drooling idiot!
10/4/2013Marxism failed brah
5/23/2013God Bless you! from boeing777
5/3/2013Go away noob l2play
5/3/2013Just go away!
5/3/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/3/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/19/2013She was evil. wake up
4/16/2013Fake marxist
4/15/2013Name is Marxist
4/14/2013Kiwi pos
4/14/2013You need green
4/13/2013Big words don't make your bullshit truth.
4/13/2013You dont hire anyone you're just a marxist bitch going to hell
4/13/2013Love & Respect - RoXY
4/11/2013For a good conversation.
4/8/2013Fake marxist
4/8/2013Maggie was here!
4/8/2013To counter the red. Sean of the Dead
4/6/2013Geez ... u must hv been a twot in a previous life to come back black, ugly and pigshit dumb
4/6/2013User name alone says enough, posts are BS
4/5/2013So, having assholes in the government creating an official monopoly on everything is your cup of tea, huh. Shame on you
4/3/2013Marxist Fuckhead. go Rot in The Pile of Shit You Were Born in.
3/30/2013Fuck you, shitbag. how does it feel to be an individual in the most hated group in the world? you cumstain are more hated than al-qaeda. the best part of you, fucktard, dribbled down the crack of your
3/30/2013Read more. post less.
3/28/2013Can not understand consequences
3/28/2013God Bless Karl Marx -- super bowl dave
3/23/2013Gregor Samsa
3/21/2013You need green.. citz:
3/19/2013Nope i don't agree with you
3/5/2013Sanctimonious little prick and a true enemy of America.
3/5/2013Hey slave ;)
3/3/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/28/2013Thanx! - RoXY
2/26/2013Marxism failed brah
2/17/2013Sanctimonious little prick and a true enemy of America.
2/11/2013LOL. Marxists beleive in jobs?! LOL.
2/2/2013Succinctly put RE iran/saudis. Good point NSF
1/26/2013Marxism failed brah
1/25/2013Intellectual midget
1/24/2013Name says it all - an enemy of the state.
1/18/2013Pontificating windbag
1/16/2013No relevance to thread
1/15/2013Brain doesnt work properly
1/15/2013Gregor Samsa!
1/14/2013Stfu u shill piece of shit fagot ass cock sucker
1/13/2013Dumb fuck. Slave owner, yet claims to be a Marxist
1/10/2013Wishing you a healthy & wealthy new year - RoXY
1/10/2013Paid Shill.
12/31/2012Quit wanting to steal others hard earned money. Support yourself and quit being a leech
12/25/2012Your name says it all, dickhead control freak.
12/23/2012Red for really believing Stalin was a great man, Insane marxist sociopath
12/20/2012For being retarded
12/2/2012Keep sucking on the government teat and blame everyone else.
12/1/2012For not knowing the difference between capitalist and communist.
12/1/2012Have not learned from history? And why is that?
11/15/2012Marxist Fails over & over & over & over & over. You haven't figured it out?... Really??
11/7/2012EleKtroN was here :)
11/2/2012Good sport
10/31/2012Pinko commies should not post..K t hanks!
10/29/2012Trickle down karma points
10/26/2012Aussie finance doom contribution.. Sir Griffo
10/1/2012Your poor husband.
9/26/2012Commie dirtbag
9/24/2012Thanks for cleaing that up. -Rev
9/24/2012Nice to meet you Marxist - Doominicus Max
9/13/2012Karl Marx is a dead jew. Get over it.
9/11/2012Go suck Karl Marx's dick
9/10/2012Monkey Marxist - Son of Satan
9/9/2012Thanx for your 'Econo-me & You' contributions - RoXY
8/29/2012Infinite growth model can not operate in a finite world. thanks for getting it :) -sammie
8/28/2012For your contributions to the 'Econo-me & You' thread - RoXY
8/14/2012Capitalismtard and brokenrecordtard! stfu please!
8/14/2012First person I've seen to understand the true reason behind welfare. - Factual Error
8/10/2012Workers of the world unite! - Pack of Smokes
7/28/2012Sharp as always - RoXY
7/26/2012Marxist asswipe
7/21/2012Always a pleasure to read your replies - RoXY
7/13/2012LOL..You're an idiot!
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