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MuayThai's Karma

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10/14/2013Nice video if the earthquake. be safe
10/14/2013Be careful, thanks for updates from the scene - hindsight2020
11/17/2012Truth about Joe 'pissdrinker' Rogan
10/25/2012Thank you for the comment! person445 aka Russell Scott
10/2/2012BMI sux indeed ~ digitalgoodtime
9/15/2012Thank you Philippines. -NYHTA
8/25/2012Never give up
7/14/2012Blaming Baby Boomers for your oiwn generations shortcomings!
7/13/2012Dont hate the older generation, we all have kids your age and only think of you. ~ Truly
7/12/2012Good points
7/11/2012Working hard is busting your ass on a job that doesn't pay what you feel you should be earning. -Buddha_

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