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6/18/2014Uneducated troll.
10/1/2012False fag
9/25/2012Hope you doing great! :) - insertfunnyusername!
9/18/2012Satanic rites. Mil man
9/17/2012You're just completely ignorant, aren't you? Go suck Oblabla's dick!
9/17/2012Comparing obama with Kennedy; have to be kidding
9/17/2012You are incredibly dense.
9/17/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/17/2012Moran! Obama is a zion puppet!
9/17/2012'cause I can & you could use some!
9/17/2012For logic
9/17/2012Give it up. Ron Paul couldn't get 10% of the vote in the primaries. Obama would smoke him
9/17/2012Fucking dipshit
9/16/2012For being a Hypocritical Dipshit
9/16/2012Muzzy humper
9/16/2012Hope you doing great! :) - insertfunnyusername!
9/15/2012Dont let hate blind you.
9/14/2012Happy to have people like you here
9/14/2012Anti American Asshole
9/14/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/13/2012Go Fox News!!!!
9/13/2012Obama lover. You are a traitor of the US.
9/13/2012Mitt Romney
9/13/2012You need to see the truth
9/13/2012POS BarrySoetorotard. Liberalism is a mental illness
9/13/2012You're a disgrace to the American people ! If you're even an American and not a muzzie piece of shit !
9/12/2012Uninformed Libtard...Get a clue.
9/12/2012Have some endgame red Obama commie
9/12/2012For speaking truth-Heisenberg
9/12/2012Lord Vader, the Jew hate is strong in this one.
9/12/2012Ambassador thread - slick vick
9/12/2012Green for ya
9/12/2012Yep. Ron Paul. It's not that people didn't know what was coming. D'Light
9/11/2012Smart guy
9/11/2012911 remember it
9/11/2012For Calling GODS CHOSEN "enemy".America has sealed her fate & so have you!!
9/8/2012Obama lover
9/8/2012Dude, you're fucking retarded.
9/7/2012My response to your post in the seattle sounds thread. Makes muchos sense.
9/6/2012Fake Israel>>>Muzzle
9/6/2012Here's some green
9/6/2012An appropriat and FAIR warning to those who would harm their fellow countrymen!
9/6/2012Jfk was killed by a communist, you idiot.
9/6/2012Ass left wacko
9/6/2012Completely nutz
9/6/2012Another braying donkey from lefty leech gimme, gimme crowd.
9/6/2012Well said
9/6/2012Don't forget to breathe, you need the oxygen
9/6/2012Yeah, you are an obama tard loser
9/6/2012Good post. Manu
9/6/2012Ban this asshole...go take a bucket of sand and pound it up your ass! Trinity should ban YOU!
9/5/2012Cheers! -ik
9/5/2012Fuck you and your opinions.
9/5/2012Your poor husband.
9/5/2012You need to grow the fuck up and deal with reality and not as you wish things were.
9/5/2012<3 Thank you for your kindness on my post. I appreciate the support. -Prophet.
9/5/2012Not hateful not now not never.. true Americans..not muzzie commies like our POTUS now please get it RIGHT.. or go away!
9/4/2012You're quite the Jackass
9/4/2012For Ron Paul! Frater
9/4/2012Usually spot on-Heisenberg aka Charlie scene.
9/3/2012Lets just get Obummer out! --- Munsoned
9/3/2012Exactly.fuck the nazis.
9/2/2012Fully devoid of logic
9/2/2012From the 'the chosen' ones !
9/1/2012Green for you coz the chosen are attacking you for stating your opinion! Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
9/1/2012You must have forgotten to take your meds today.
9/1/2012I dont even think
8/31/2012More afraid of Mossad....idiot
8/31/2012Mayor of Stupidtown.
8/30/2012Gary Johnson 2012 - Ap0c@Lyp5e
8/30/2012Rock on! -CLappaGuy!
8/29/2012Thank you for supporting Dr. RON PAUL . ~TORCHBEARER
8/29/2012Here's to negate any bads for being a RP supporter. D'Light
8/28/2012Up voted for Maine delegate video ~redpaw360
8/28/2012Worthless noob karma, but still, I feel exactly the same! Thanks!
8/26/2012They are the only candidates that will address the real issues. True! Thanks for your post! ..11:11..
8/26/2012Drawing preposterous conclusions connecting the LDS Church to the Federal Reserve
8/23/2012Good post on my thread-Charlie
8/23/2012Just go ahead and give obama 4 more
8/23/2012Your poor husband.
8/22/2012For RP :) Bea Nameless
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