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2/2/2014Last Login On: 8/4/2013 2:20 AM
8/4/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/4/2013You fingered honey boo boo.
8/3/2013Too funny about the "two witnesses" -doom candy
7/31/2013Are you like fucking 12 or something?
7/28/2013Texan Buckeye
5/23/2013Moo Ham Med - Bacon for everyone !
4/3/2013Sky watcher. pool
4/3/2013Thanks for reading and posting your thoughts! - Bilbo Baggins
3/31/2013One of the very few friendly. Sallam.
3/31/2013Go back to school dumbass
3/15/20132pac #1 -Cebeij
3/14/2013Your point? there is nothing wrong with that. Are you REALLY that fucking stupid? Fucking leech.
3/14/2013Moron. enjoy your ebt. and just so you know. money doesnt come out of thin air really. almost. but not really.
3/14/2013You are the evil
3/14/2013Consistently shitty posts. I didn't know they let you use computers unattended in the retard farm.
3/12/2013You sound like a nice guy, why al the stupid RED. Here's some green ~ Tigershield
3/12/2013Something wrong with you, son.
3/11/2013I agree, N Korea... Sivaro
3/11/2013Im with north korea
3/11/2013U Love North Korea? Then You Prob Are a Muzzie Lover as Well. 1 Star, Red Karma :)
3/11/2013What kind of a bag of dicks are you ?....EXTRA large
3/11/2013Fuck Off!
3/11/2013Looks like ya'll like red.
3/11/2013Dumber ass
3/11/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
3/9/2013I dont know why you have so much red karma...You seem pretty nice to me! Here's som green for ya...cowgirlk
3/8/2013Hahaha! Thx. Shirt is good to tick people off that deserve it! -KarinZa
3/8/2013You are a fucktard
3/1/2013You're an idiot
2/27/2013Muslim extremeists ARE evil....what kind of a bag of dicks are you?
2/25/2013Excellent real thread lol :) Love Spirit666
2/24/2013Something to warm you through the TX/OK blizzard -- from goodmockingbird
2/24/2013With love and gratitude, for sharing TRUTH... <3 141
2/20/2013You are a liar. Do you lie in front of your boys?
2/20/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/18/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/16/2013Dude, I wish I coudl give you MORE green! Texan Buckeye
2/1/20131 for the Texas strange noises thread (from HappyGlock)
1/30/2013You NEED some green! Texan Buckeye
1/29/2013You are an illiterate moron
1/26/2013The 80's again .... please...let us be nostalgic...
1/19/2013I am niggy
1/2/2013Good thread topic on the pyramids. An interesting topic. John Cocktosen
1/1/2013You're a dupe
12/23/2012Merry Christmas! Texan Buckeye
12/2/2012Nibooboo Retard, Planets aligning ? 2012? Go get a job
12/2/2012Your avatar is disturbing, i like ~ from the light under the door
12/1/2012A sad, miserable soul. Get help.
12/1/2012You're a moron.
12/1/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
11/29/2012Paranoid chemtard idiot
11/25/2012You are on the wrong side.
11/25/2012And you Did not Think I would Find You.
11/23/2012Nephilim probed your butthole!
11/23/2012Thanks for contributing to my peace treaty thread - Dease
11/21/2012Happy Thanksgiving! Texan Buckeye
11/1/2012You NEED some green! Texan Buckeye
10/30/2012Kiss my Catholic ass! You are a liar.
10/14/2012For being stupid....islam is not a religion of peace.
10/6/2012Pretty dumb of you don't you think
10/6/2012You are idiot
10/4/2012Creepy avi! Looks like goatman from PBA! Texan Buckeye
10/4/2012Back to zero on green for you my friend{waterman}
10/3/2012Bumping your own thread of childish drivel.
9/30/2012Heya, good to see you again, Borian.

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