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Slyder's Karma

Total: 13 (13  User Votes) and 7

9/28/2012Green Karma Bomb - Boudicca
9/17/2012Hi there! - Boudicca
9/13/2012You need to read some history
9/13/2012Made a good point. d1k
9/6/2012Brain dead yourself
9/4/2012You are a great guy! - Boudicca
9/3/2012I loved it. Man up and give the Girl what she wants. Makes me want you. - sarah
9/1/2012Good values
8/30/2012Gary Johnson 2012 - Ap0c@Lyp5e
8/28/2012Obama sucks the seat off a dead mans balls. That said so does the other guy/
8/27/2012For being so short sighted. don't hurt your little brian moran
8/23/2012For destroying UK AC 909! --Aggie
8/22/2012You're not very bright are you?
8/21/2012For the 'Evolving into atheists' comment
8/17/2012Mind your fucking business, canuck
8/17/2012Quit watching communist network news, you fucktard
8/6/2012Footlong sub.LOL!....indiandav​e
7/26/2012Enjoy giving first Karmas. WeAreOne.

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