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hugs1111's Karma

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2/13/2013Paid shill
12/6/2012Loser Commie
11/5/2012Lol @ oversized Ken doll ~
10/27/2012Oh I'm sure they were voting for the Muzzie. Take his dick outta your ass, shove it in your mouth and STFU please.
10/22/2012Do the math..you have one more bad karma
10/18/2012Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the divine Om ..11:11..
10/13/2012In your case hugs are NOT better than drugs
10/13/2012You really are a dumbass, aren't you? Go take a bucket of sand and pound it up your ass!
10/1/2012You lefty losers are useless sheep
9/30/2012Oh it is so nice when you don't post!, Think w can get back to that?
9/30/2012Talking points are not facts
9/29/2012You are just WRONG!
9/29/2012Anti-brown skinned humans
9/28/2012Shut Up Stupid!!!!
9/28/2012Go to your nearest bridge and jump off it.
9/27/2012Thank you for being against Romney on GLP. It is a pleasure to do business with you. I hate that you get red karma for your political beliefs. Great post.
9/27/2012I vote to leave it pinned
9/21/2012Obama shill
9/18/2012Obama is now the worst president ever. You can stop bitching about Bush, and catch up any time.
9/18/2012Dumb love and light
9/18/2012Never again should hateful beings have any authority. I agree- Disillusioning
9/18/2012LOST SHEEP in NEED of a Shephard!!!
9/18/2012Hugz for you:)
9/14/2012Mossad !
9/11/2012Awesome 9/11 vids
9/9/2012I only love people who work and carry their own weight, you parasite!
9/9/2012Take a flyin fuck jackass
9/9/2012Wow. No one likes you, yet you are the type who thinks that every one else is the problem, and not yourself..
9/9/2012Please with the brother and sisters BS....
9/8/2012Socialist asshole
9/8/2012I love you and you are smartandkind
9/5/2012For being blind
9/5/2012You fucking love it up the ass and we all know it!
9/5/2012For your wonderful words....shadow
9/5/2012Not taking care of you
9/5/2012Commie fuck
9/4/2012Bless your heart
9/4/2012Anti american
9/4/2012You need to start facing reality
9/4/2012Red for a lil communist
9/3/2012Profoundly ignorant Sherrif Joe Arpiao hater, shame on you sir and your insisting on continuing a witch hunt, I censor you in the strongest fashion humanly possible
9/2/2012Anti American
8/29/2012Lefty loser
8/28/2012Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. Much love from ..11:11..
8/25/2012Great thread thank you
8/24/2012Everybody agrees... Fuck Islam!
8/23/2012Rock on in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ -strategicdiscernment​
8/23/2012Your poor husband.
8/23/2012Romney hater
8/20/2012Xoxo and blessings to you!
8/20/2012Much love my friend! ..11:11..
8/16/2012YEs, the Prez IS involved..you look silly now!
8/15/2012Bad Karma From God
8/15/2012I guess you must be the living proof that "Stupid is as stupid does" huh?
8/11/2012Socialist. Hugs aren't going to save you from what is coming.
8/8/2012Hugo cares about his people
8/7/2012Antichrist commie always an automatic -1
8/4/2012Hugs back to you:-) Emerald Glow
8/4/2012A reply on a post added years to my life.

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