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3/25/2014Hey friend, hope you are well! - ANHEDONIC
1/7/2014You're evil
1/6/2014Would create a thread on why you chose Satan in the war against Evil ? A bambooziled Christian.
1/6/2014So have an orgasm
1/6/2014Demon worshiper
12/26/2013Terrible advice to a terrible person
12/26/2013For knowing the actual reason for the season. - Southern Norseman
12/24/2013Happy Holidays from ANHEDONIC
12/21/2013Have a great Solstice Celebration. A.snowman
12/7/2013Rack +1
11/22/2013A snowman was here. have a great weekend
11/13/2013Your book. A.Snowman
11/4/2013Green for fun. Snowman
10/30/2013Nice–looking boobs, but sucky soul so I'll pass.
10/30/2013Muahhh.. LP
10/26/2013Chaos. A Snowman
10/23/2013Sad possessed woman. I feel sorry for you.
10/23/2013Sad human being....I hope you mature someday.
10/22/2013Buddy Karma :) Lamplite
10/13/2013Not so pretty and very cheesy picture. Ehhh...
10/12/2013Great to see someone not brainwashed posting.. LP
10/12/2013Soon you will be crying on the gound begging for your life. If you only knew what the elite knew.
10/11/2013GOD YOUR UGULY, are you a man?
10/11/2013Your fake tits can't fix your man face
10/5/2013I don't have a Motor Boat, can I still play? ; ) ohnonotagain
10/4/2013Fantastic breasts. Wanna motorboat them badly. Mmmmm
9/30/2013Have a good one(waterman)
9/29/2013No problem. : ) - ANHEDONIC
9/28/2013Slutty mcslut
9/28/2013For our mutual experience! hoping for relief! bigD111
9/20/2013Karma drive by - Rev Woo Woo
9/13/2013Brief :)
9/12/2013Acting like a stupid slut to get attention.
8/6/2013That's what we have been saying...thx 4 showing up...ADSR
8/6/2013Thanks for posting on my thread - Lamplite
7/31/2013I like seeing people know about astrology - sharkspined
7/31/2013The Sun is causing an awakening. Amy A
7/30/2013For truth~ParadigmShift~
7/30/2013Nah was here :)
7/30/2013For pissing off a religitard :) lol
7/29/2013Lacks class.
7/28/2013Greetings from ANHEDONIC
7/24/2013Yeah? Yeah. EK
7/22/2013"Mandatory" Dumb fuck
7/22/2013Great thread, and great info in the Grail thread ~ QuantumKev
7/22/2013Great post!!!! Dinkytuff
7/22/2013Very interesting thread on Gilead/Galahad & looking for bloodline. -- John Kocktosen
7/22/2013Great thread! geminilion
7/22/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/10/2013Thanks for your posts in my thread - Lamplite
7/9/2013Yankee Rose!
7/7/2013Dumb Antichrist
7/5/2013Green Love from Frater
7/3/2013Defending Truth~Blessings from Blessings~ParadigmShi​ft
6/30/2013Another false proud anti-Christ Jezebel who doesn't know what she's talking about. Repent or burn
6/29/2013Thank you for the kind response-your brother ATONTRUTH :-)
6/29/2013Congrats for you book
6/21/2013Karma, bc I like your style--eekers
6/19/2013Laughing with U not @ U is awesome. from TastyThoughts
6/18/2013: )
6/18/2013Green for you before I leave. Paul777 :)
6/11/2013Sodomite idiot
6/6/2013Thumbs up in OKC. Partofthecrowd
5/31/2013Stay Safe...Cowgirlk
5/31/2013Green for a pretty rose. ~Snuffie. Stay safe out there.
5/30/2013Thanks so much for the weather/tornado updates! :) - TeChNoXiC
5/30/2013Green for caring - :) Rabid Wolf
5/26/2013Grren for you . tm
5/12/2013For equal rights for all humans! - Eireann~
5/11/2013Green for you . tm
5/6/2013Green for your comment on the dumbass council woman....saved
5/6/2013You know the truth and you are loved. Spread that love, even to those who won't reciprocate. -InnerEngineer
5/6/2013Happy Birthday! WakeMeUp
5/6/2013Birthday karma - ANHEDONIC
5/5/2013Happy Birthday, and all u haters go suck a dick ~BossBitch
5/5/2013Happy Birday. Nothing like her in the whole world.
5/5/2013Happy Birthday! from Susie....
5/5/2013As it is your Birthday - RenTheHen
5/5/2013Happy B-day!! ~Naga
5/5/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
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