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Fire Watch's Karma

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8/27/2014Squish! Consider yourself hugged :) Ele xx
8/26/2014For the Occupy Fergusan thread ! From Tiger1.
8/25/2014Mama always said Karma was like a box of chocolates... Saddletramp
8/20/2014For the f'in joke thread. When i saw your thread title my first thought was, a thread about the Cubs! :P sad huh.
8/20/2014The truth on black crime....indiandave.
8/20/2014Love GFG thanks for your help
8/19/2014Green hugs to you from davvi
8/19/2014Take care! :D calx
8/19/2014Thank you much! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/19/2014Please uplift my posting Ban! -UKELLEL
8/17/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/16/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
8/15/2014Awww! Thanks :o) Love Ya!
8/14/2014Green from Eugene!! Rockhuff73
8/14/2014Backatcha Brother!
8/14/2014Back atcha bro ;)
8/11/2014For fellow dog lover. Thank you for speaking up for abused animals. Respectfully, Kinga :)
8/11/2014Wishing you a wonderful week. Hugs from Ele xx
8/9/2014To a cool dude ~TM
8/8/2014Hee ho! :D calx
8/7/2014Thursday green--Hardwired
8/7/2014For the earthquake thread ! From Tiger1.
8/6/2014Hugs! Tangy :)
8/1/2014Dear, kind soul, much love & a big squidge, Ele xXx
7/29/2014Good catch.
7/29/2014Green for you ~ A r c t u r u s
7/28/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
7/28/2014Cheers! :D calx
7/27/2014Some green for you from,, DREAM MAKER :)
7/26/2014Lovely you picked up for your mate. Vala :-)
7/25/2014For all you do around here --eekers
7/25/2014Hey buddy, Philligan
7/22/2014Hope you're well, hugs from Ele xx
7/22/2014Well, it's tuesday... Saddletramp
7/20/2014Because I think you are a nice person. :)
7/20/2014For taking the time to help manage this place! Great Job!
7/19/2014Stoned Goddess :-)
7/18/2014For the MSM thread ! From Tiger1.
7/15/2014Take care man! :D calx
7/13/2014Have some of this here green - R.P. McMurphy
7/13/2014Truly excellent!
7/11/2014Just because I like the dog in your Avatar. :)
7/11/2014Hey you! Happy weekend my lovely hugs, Ele xxx
7/8/2014For the Fox News thread ! From Tiger1.
7/7/2014Thank for all you do love GFG
7/4/2014Ta very much! ;) Vic-chick
7/4/2014Because I had the urge. :)
7/4/2014Happy fourth sir. stay vigilant. :D calx
7/3/2014Indeed. Happy 4th to you and yours my friend.
7/2/2014Congrats on sr mod
7/2/2014Didn't you like my Mr Chow .gif? hahaha Paige:)
7/2/2014Good threads.
7/1/2014I am so glad someone else noticed FOX. I was beginning to think it was media paranoia...LOL, davvi
7/1/2014Hugs from Ele xx
6/27/2014For the gay partners thread. From Tiger1.
6/27/2014One of the best mods here. :D calx
6/26/2014Chicago Cubs 32-44 ... Shaking my head bro lol
6/23/2014Thank you…-astralgoat
6/22/2014No my friend...You are da man!!
6/22/2014I'm good, miss you much!! ~ Simple27 : )
6/21/2014Woodford :) - Nem
6/21/2014Wishing you a happy, sunny weekend, hugs from Ele x
6/20/2014Thanks for the heads up with the Arlington thread - Rising Son
6/20/2014Thanks for the pin, hope all is well, Philligan
6/17/2014Thank you. ((((Fire Watch))))
6/16/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
6/16/2014Thank you for the complement - KillerB
6/14/2014Long time no chat bud ~thetruthmonger
6/13/2014I too busy to help much lately, but glad you are working hard.
6/11/2014A Green Hug from Lady Jane Smith :o)
6/10/2014Hugs from Ele xx
6/5/2014For the Questions To obama Supporters thread ! From Tiger1.
6/4/2014Happu Green to you FW...davvi
6/3/2014Thank you. pool
6/3/2014Sincere questions thread -Nemamiah
5/30/2014Friday hugs with love from Ele xx
5/27/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
5/26/2014Green hugs and thank you from davvi...
5/23/2014Green Karma From Max Bacon
5/20/2014Love & thoughts from Ele xx
5/18/2014For looking out for me and being a great friend! Much love!! ~ Simple27 : )
5/17/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
5/16/2014Hahahaha! I have an "admirer"....PFFFT!
5/14/2014Heey am sorry. : )
5/10/2014Thank you for the Pin, No Dhimmi
5/9/2014Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Ele xx
5/7/2014For your posts ! From Tiger1.
5/7/2014Creepy thread indeed! (re:camgirl)--eekers
5/5/20141 for timing.
5/5/2014Da Fox was here.
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