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reversefiction's Karma

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3/6/2015I like your signature. -risuki
2/27/2014Have a great night. Superduper.
2/20/2014Double edged sword.... -ladyannie
12/16/2013Tandym! :-) Twas the night before rollout...
12/13/2013Good for you OP. Well done on completing your degree! ~Una~
12/11/2013Karma For That Post! From Gonviral
12/3/2013Astro dick sucker
11/15/2013Sierra games! Laura Bow
11/12/2013Semper Fi (USMC0369)
10/27/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/11/2013For posting on my King's X thread. ~Metaniomenos
10/8/2013You can never have enough knives :) abi~
9/30/2013I hear ya. Mr Oysterhead
8/11/2013Good one! Texan Buckeye
8/10/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/3/2013My husband and I love your sig line :) Total LOL - Eireann~
8/1/2013Brief :)
7/29/2013The woman from canada is a distraction from the real one....
7/16/2013Thanks for the explaining - Diluted
7/13/2013Grumpy cat is a legend - FooledMeOnce
6/17/2013Great catch on Main Core, I hope more info comes out - Indysmindy
5/22/2013For being another clasically-trained student of philosophy - Comedian
5/20/2013Good posts - Fire Watch~
5/20/2013Stand up, brother, and be counted! ~ LunaticFringe
4/29/2013GOD Bless! Susie...
4/28/2013I like you - Comedian
4/27/2013Thank you :) Turtles
4/25/2013Don Henley's solo work
4/20/2013You seem pretty smart. Try to stay unbiased and remeber that the propaganda is coming from both directions!
4/20/2013Good luck on the puppy!
4/19/2013Thank you for caring. Prayers offered up.
4/14/2013He is abuser
4/10/2013LOL ..I do have to work tomorrow...and I wont be getting anything done....salty1
9/27/2012Sensible logic
8/30/2012Good job tracking down jodi. :)
8/27/2012You are intelligent. I like you. Black Knight
8/14/2012For being a fellow Marine
8/5/2012Good answer

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