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Robbiew's Karma

Total: 46 (46  User Votes) and 10

2/27/2017Jolly. pool
1/31/2017Love GFG
1/18/2017Cool! - Chaos Replicator.
1/13/2017Back to you, have a great weekend. Zod!
1/1/2017Lekker! - Chaos Replicator.
7/3/2016Uncle fuck stick
6/18/2016Have a good weekend! * SunshineRay
6/13/2016Thank you Robbiew.,.,.,M*walk
6/7/2016Thanks Robbiew~kpm~
6/1/2016I love spiders too :-) Deafening Silence
5/31/2016Thanks for the green - hy
5/27/2016Irish Green....rodehard
5/20/2016Irish Green for you!!! George B
5/20/2016Love GFG
5/20/2016You're a sweetie. Thank you for the green, Robbie :D
5/20/2016TY for the green, here's some for you as well...happy Friday! Laura Bow
5/14/2016Just because ~ SunshineRay
5/10/2016Thanks green for you! Munsoned
10/14/2014Best wishes to your friend. Vala :-)
6/18/2014Thanks for OPing The SPAIN v CHILE Thread For Me, Bro! (ICELANDIC)
6/15/2014Howaya :-) Vala :-)
6/15/2014Thanks! ~CigarTigher
5/29/2014I will try =)~Bambi2U
5/12/2014For an awesome avator! geminilion
5/9/2014Back 'atcha.... cheers... cp
5/2/2014Hi Robbie, hope you are well? ...davvi
4/20/2014Green hugs for you ...davvi
4/20/2014For mom!! ibyte on 2
3/22/2014Oh man! Your avatar is gorgeous! - Eireann~
11/16/2012Peace bro!
11/4/2012Ireland needs people like you please stay here:)
11/2/2012Give you peace and joy to uplift you in your sadness, much love and postive karma, thanks for reminding me to have gratitude
11/2/2012Much thanks - DoorBert
10/27/2012That's it i think!
10/5/2012Stuffit commie
10/1/2012Thanks - one back - Hydra
9/30/2012Have some green - buggedout!
9/20/2012Because I'm in a giving mood. -Moo!
9/20/2012From all the AC's....GO FUCK YOURSELF!
9/20/2012For caring about others karma
9/11/2012For caring about others karma
9/11/2012Thanks for the comments and the karma- abhie
9/5/2012Lens flare-tards are the tardest - Hydra
8/27/2012Lack of pigmentation.
8/27/2012Stupid fucking thread
8/25/2012I wish you would fuck off

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