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8/27/2014Hello from AA!
8/27/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/27/2014P.Inferno : )
8/27/2014Beetle :)
8/26/2014Tuesday GREEN from THE INQUISIDOR
8/26/2014I'm sorry you were racially attacked. pool
8/25/2014Watch out for sharknadoes! Have a great week!-TheEndIsNigh201​3
8/25/2014Right on -- filth
8/25/2014Good work
8/23/2014Mouse on a trampoline :)
8/22/2014The 'Honey' comment - ha! Wishing you the best, Sloane
8/22/2014You are such a vile rabble-rousing Zionist. No better than those you claim to be against.
8/22/2014Cheers my friend - Blag Dahlia
8/22/2014Tinfoil Couture
8/21/2014Good quotes in your Sig. - Integrity101
8/21/2014You make good sense, Littlebird
8/21/2014You are disturbing
8/21/2014For your eric holder/racism rant on change is coming -joe mamma
8/21/2014Great posts!!! AdRock
8/21/2014Weekly karma from , DREAM MAKER :)
8/21/2014Green from indiandave.
8/21/2014Great comment! I'm with ya 100%~kpm~
8/20/2014Great comments. DF
8/19/2014Hi Davvi- Etta
8/19/2014Jews own the media and jews have always hated the strength of white people and western culture based on freedom.
8/19/2014Fire Watch~
8/19/2014Superduper green.
8/18/2014Hi! Hope you're enjoying your Summer! from Eggcellent
8/18/2014You Are Not White
8/18/2014Hi from AA :-)
8/18/2014For being a great voice of reason ! :) mrdlaw4jc
8/18/2014Good posts as always davvi. - Munsoned
8/17/2014Happy Sunday! - Indysmindy
8/17/2014For your threads ! From Tiger1.
8/17/2014For my Brainiac friend. :) . 4th
8/17/2014Yes. thank you.
8/17/2014Cheers from BSZ!
8/17/2014Hee ho! :D calx
8/16/2014Drive by green from R.P. McMurphy
8/16/2014Hey Davvi, Happy Green Thumbs Up to you... SBG
8/16/2014Oh Davvi I agree with you! The Old Timer....have a wonderful day
8/16/2014Weekend love!-TheEndIsNigh201​3
8/16/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/15/2014Green from Lil Sis
8/14/2014Almost the weekend karma from indiandave.
8/13/2014Well said, as always! SG
8/13/2014Love your posts :) Hoodrats
8/13/2014Zionist propaganda machine!! Shillimus Maximus
8/12/2014Sore looser can't debate-stuck in his hateful world
8/12/2014I respect your opinion and appreciate your posts. *tickles you to make you laugh* Vala :-)
8/12/2014Thetruthmonger :) :D d: <|=P
8/12/2014Wish you wouldnt leave the thread Davvi, it's good to get all points of view. ~Tangy :)
8/12/2014For speaking the truth!
8/12/2014We are under attack -- filth
8/12/2014Karma Hugs :-) ~Intrepid~ (fka Nemamiah)
8/11/2014Grrrrrreen from THE INQUISIDOR
8/10/2014Thanks for posting in my coffee thread. - Corkygreenstate
8/9/2014Smart lady green from STT
8/9/2014Bouncing Elephant Thang :)
8/8/2014For the Hamas thread ! From Tiger1.
8/8/2014Greenery! Ms. Superduper
8/6/2014Green from indiandave.
8/4/2014Thanks for the chaos! So true
8/4/2014For you opinion +1 - ukshep
8/3/2014You're welcome! AAlien
8/3/2014Green karma this week for my buddy list!-TheEndIsNigh201​3
8/2/2014Remember the USS Liberty!
8/2/2014Hi davvi- Etta
8/1/2014Always brilliant replies! Sleeping Giant
8/1/2014Friday Green from THE INQUISIDOR
8/1/2014We gotta stop meeting like this! lol
8/1/2014How much does Israel pay you to troll and shill?
8/1/2014The bouncing elephant :)
8/1/2014Great point - cookie lady
7/31/2014Zionist jew posing as conservative american to further jewish intrests.
7/31/2014Hope this finds you well chick :-) Vala :-)
7/31/2014Green back at ya. Wash.
7/31/2014Green for Davvi!~Cigar
7/30/2014Green for glp's best avatar ~laneclin81
7/30/2014Your tribe made Obama.
7/30/2014Your right on with Obama loving Muslims, MONSTER
7/30/2014Good karma from indiandave.
7/30/2014Some good karma for you - Tard :)
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