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Sloane's Karma

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3/30/2015Thank you ! From Tiger1.
3/30/2015Love to you dear sloane ~ A Friend
3/30/2015Green for the best Mod here... Crypt
3/29/2015Thanks for filtering through smilies - Adam's Ale
3/29/2015Green kindness and thanks - Lionels Love
3/29/2015Happy Sunday - Petrichor :)
3/29/2015What's up babe? GG:)
3/29/2015Thanks! G_K
3/28/2015Thanks, Sloane. sip. pool
3/27/2015Nah-t hugs !
3/26/2015Thank you, Sloane. Good to see you, too. :) AnonymousGirl
3/26/2015Hope you have a great week from Prowilson123 :)
3/26/2015Boris the Cat
3/26/2015Sloane! a mod?! Congrats. It's been awhile. I feel lost! ;). ~PENG
3/25/2015JB :) ksk45
3/25/2015All the best from the Great White North. -repatriated_one
3/25/2015Likewise, have a nice day. R&W
3/24/2015Much love :) ~TML
3/24/2015Jb green!! great music :) - LGW
3/23/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
3/23/2015JB love from Vala :-) Saved you my last karma for you like a last rolo :-) xxxxx
3/23/2015Hi sloane :) /M
3/23/2015Green and a hug from Lil Sis :-)
3/23/2015Hope all is well! maguyver
3/23/2015Dangerwalt >> JB ; )
3/22/2015Nah, I am jello...LOL...many thanks from davvi.
3/21/2015Hope your new duties going well Love GFG
3/21/2015Life is an adventure - Petrichor :)
3/21/2015Shake Ems :)
3/21/2015Hugs for you!!! <3 eekers
3/21/2015Sweet spring and for leaf clovers, green buds and over the top love for you octobersolstice
3/20/2015I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Sloane :) -hugs- H. Quinn
3/20/2015Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! ~ Simple27 : )
3/20/2015Much Love Sloane! TY,..,.,.,..,.,M*walk​
3/20/2015Green from indiandave.
3/19/2015For your kindness ~ calin
3/19/2015Thank you for standing up for cancer victims <3 OM
3/18/2015Hug from Beetle :)
3/18/2015Good work
3/18/2015Thank you Sloan :) Love Angelseverywhere
3/18/2015Music love! :) ...wai
3/18/2015Hiya, hoping you can hellp Allan. I just used 100 karma points to finally upgrade myself, but upgrade didn't happen. Help. thanks Sloane xxx
3/18/2015Weekly green from Prowilson123 :)
3/17/2015Love you, Sloane! I have been spending most of my forum tiime over at GMG. Miss you and love you! gg:)
3/16/2015Slainte Sloane, Happy St Paddy's Day to you too :) Mattie!
3/16/2015Are we still allowed to give a MOD green?...or are you 'off limits' to us regular people?...LOL....TBG.​...
3/15/2015Karma roLL ..C.C incredible pic " keyboard (music) in the sky"
3/15/2015Congratulations, Ms. Mod. :) AnonymousGirl
3/15/2015Hey dude! Hope you are well! Congrats on being a mod, I think....lol BigD111
3/15/2015Happy St. Patrick's Day from Vala :-) xx
3/15/2015Thank you friend! ---Black_Jack
3/14/2015HI hope you had fun in the sun...soup
3/14/2015Thanks! lionhound
3/14/2015I'd love to share one of my magic pizzas with you! :D calx
3/13/2015Happy Friday! maguyver
3/13/2015Congrats on the mod. well deserved.
3/13/2015JB Green :) -hugs- H. Quinn
3/13/2015JB >> Dangerwalt ; )
3/12/2015Petula Clark!! ~Lil Sis (we musta grew up together somewhen)
3/12/2015Glad to see you back
3/12/2015Thanks! ---spankee
3/12/2015Thanks Sloane. Lex
3/12/2015Almost spring green from indiandave.
3/12/2015Oh you are a mod now, grats :D /Michael
3/11/2015Good Mod :) Fire Watch~
3/11/2015Good to see you, Sloane. :) - Kai
3/11/2015Hey Sloane! Baba xx
3/11/2015Hope everything is okay my friend from Prowilson123 :)
3/8/2015Nnice !!
3/8/2015Green hugs and hello from germany IWTB76
3/6/2015Congrats! T.Noticer
3/5/2015Congratulations on moderator! just saw it on "stay on topic" thread. beeches
3/4/2015Congratulations on becoming a mod! ....indiandave.
3/4/2015Green is good unless it is on your bread! George B.
3/4/2015Cheers! Maguyver
3/4/2015Weekly green from Prowilson123 :)
3/3/2015U funny too 11-15
3/3/2015Congrats! Vic-chick
3/3/2015Sloan, you're a MOD!!! How cool, congrats sweetie, Isis One
3/3/2015Thanks Sloane! You too have some great advice! GFX guy
3/3/2015Yes, we do think alike. :) And, congratulations. ERE3
3/3/2015Hi doll! love..Soup
3/3/2015Delighted for you :-) Green hugs from Vala :-) xxxxx
3/3/2015Congrats on modship! Bluebird
3/3/2015Thank You Sloane :) Shake Em
3/2/2015Congrats on being a moderator!
3/2/2015Here ya go ~sickandtwisted~
3/2/2015Thank ye and congrats urself!
3/1/2015One of my new BFs ~ calin
2/28/2015Cheers man, and to you!
2/28/2015A perfect 'fit' Sloane. Congrats! ~CommonA
2/28/2015Petrichor :)
2/28/2015Hello dear! xo eekers
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