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Anarchytype's Karma

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1/26/2013Hi A Friend
12/26/2012Hoping the new year to come is the best ever for you. xo Sloane
12/12/2012Hi ~ A Friend
11/10/2012Come baaak!!!! ~ A Friend
11/2/2012I am your alter ego.
10/31/2012A Friend
10/28/2012Quite the conversationalist. You and Inst. make me smile. Sloane
10/23/2012A Friend
10/17/2012You are Wet! Wood you like a towel?
10/16/2012A Friend ... welcome back.
10/15/2012I believe in you. You are possessive of my heart and soul. May I please suggest that you put the knife away. It hurt's me. I'm sorry.
10/7/2012Muse of Muses.
10/5/2012Awesome :) Nice bootes Billy
10/5/2012For being a sylphish inane ranter! A rare breed of sophistocated amalgamation!
10/5/2012Cool thread
10/2/2012Thanks! You're all welcome in my thread. It's our thread, not just mine! :-) -Who.
10/1/2012I loved how you expressed your feelings for another when asked. Sloane
9/28/2012Thanks : ) ANHEDONIC
9/28/2012Ha Ha A.S
9/26/2012You are the darkest of all the angels. You fell, and broke a hole into the earth.
9/24/2012A Friend
9/3/2012Because after you killed me you brought me back to life.
8/28/2012A Friend
8/23/2012GK4U. Synchronicity is the strongest of all bonds, imaginable. <3
8/19/2012I like your avatar - ANHEDONIC
8/18/2012Welcome to my thread! Enjoy your stalking. :-) -Who.
8/13/2012Because I want to bleed for you. Heres a knife.
8/13/2012Haha! We used to say buck up camper all the time! SoS

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