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8/29/2012Charles Darwin!
8/29/2012People hate on what the do not understand. Yet they still try and explain why they hate by using things they don't understand to do so. WTF- acegotflows
8/29/2012For calling the biggest group on the planet yards
8/29/2012The blind will always believe in sky wizards whatever you tell them but here's a thumbs up for having another go :)
8/29/2012There is no logic in your toolkit.
8/29/2012Agreed - Charles Darwin
8/29/2012Please confess your sins to Jesus Christ....he is good, he will forgive you.
8/29/2012How do you 'KNOW' God dont exist? Did you die then come back to inform us nothings on the other side? You are RETARDED!
8/29/2012Greek Boy Restaurant - Parking in Rear
8/29/2012THIS! -Clouds in the Sky
8/29/2012Dan b
8/29/2012Stick you fingers in ur ears n say that on Judgement day. It might help,but I doubt it. I actually read where it won't help. I know He is. You should reconsider the possibility.
8/29/2012Quite flawed
8/29/2012You suck. Enjoy Hell
8/29/2012Your being an idiot doesn't give you license to choose what others should think.
8/29/2012Of all the athiests your points are the most tardlike and laughable
8/29/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/28/2012Supreme Idiot
8/28/2012All things denote there is a God, from the regular order of the planets to every living creature in the Universe
8/28/2012I feel sorry for you
8/28/2012For your "god doesn't exist" thread. - Ohwell
8/28/2012God does exist. You know he does.
8/28/2012You disgusting piece of filth get off this site
8/28/2012Here's some positive, because of that "God's spicy weiner" comment from someone who thinks they speak for God.
8/28/2012Have some of God's spicy wiener in your mouth biatch!
8/27/2012You disgusting piece of filth get off this site
8/27/2012Well thought out question
8/26/2012For trying to reason with the ass-hat in the black-hole thread.
8/26/2012Thanks for the warning, you'll be first
8/26/2012"boner" sounds like a 12 year old talking. Grow up son.
8/24/2012Would you like a coke with that?

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