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3/15/2014You never give anyone red, I admire that, wish I had your willpower ~stoned Goddess
1/26/2014Thanks for your thoughts ~TAA
1/25/2014It's not a failure, it's a fraud, a way to rip people off and i'm sure it's working very well for them
1/23/2014For KV <3 Krystle Ann
1/23/2014Good idea!
1/22/2014I'm not a christian
1/22/2014Karma whiner....
1/22/2014You use the word angst too much. stop. anguish/anxiety/torme​nt. ... its a thesaurus moment.
1/21/2014Some love, Gallikers
1/21/2014Interesting posts - ANHEDONIC
1/21/2014Karma return
1/19/2014'people be geeking emotionally all the time' aha! great post. Have a nice day, Sloane
12/25/2013Debunked a troll
12/24/2013Peace and love always <3 krystle ann
12/23/2013Insulting cunt
12/22/2013Karma Love :)
12/20/2013"Warship Ison"... Fucking Retarded, dude.
12/20/2013Here is some latent homsexuality you stupid cunt, I just fucked you and your demons!!!
12/20/2013I included beer can stove in article. thanks! Heresmystupidaccount was here
12/18/2013Thanks for stoppin by keiths BD party...TBG...
12/18/2013Nice Thread!j Cactusgal
12/18/2013Nope, nothing fake here - other than your ability to converse with any type of intelligence...
12/18/2013Because of whats coming your way.
12/15/2013Antichrist and Mandela worship
12/13/2013Love you
12/13/2013See you there ~ Arcturus
12/8/2013That was a very hateful generalization you made - red for your deep seated hate
12/8/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
11/21/2013Thanks! - Morpheus
6/18/2013Karma to spend ~ Arcturus
6/13/2013Karma for drunkposting!! WidespreadF
6/9/2013Red karma for 666
6/8/2013Waiting on econ doom -Steamrolled
6/1/2013Lying idiot
5/31/2013Screw the alien controllers! calx
5/30/2013Love GFG
5/28/2013Surfing the wave lengths. pool
5/24/2013Great attitude -SteamrolledGobis
5/22/2013For the music you played in spite of the bs that was going on and your comments! :) Sloane
5/21/2013With love 141
5/18/2013Congrats on the grandchild,mine was born may 6,BrokenDreamsalive
5/18/2013Great reply to hope thread- Hollow Bones
5/17/2013Thank you for sharing about your finch. Bless you, LIL'ANGEL
5/12/2013I agree icyman
4/25/2013Your hottie would saw your head off and put that shit on youtube. AllahAkbar!
4/23/2013Sheep le use tax
4/20/2013Fotn ;-)
4/18/2013Arterial blood....
4/15/2013Dr. Acula was here!
4/13/2013Stinky asswipes normally defend other stinky asswipes - take a bath ahole
4/12/2013I just can't say how much I loved what you said about the little girl. Kind and compassionate you are. Sloane
4/12/2013For being the only one to post on my very first thread. ;) <3
4/12/2013Excellent comment about people judging others on looks. - Knowbody Special
4/12/2013For being real..regarding 7 year old girl suspended
4/9/2013Thanks vac. pool
4/7/2013Brilliant picture - El Dude
4/6/2013For your honesty...
4/6/2013You're welcome :) -DR. Acula
3/31/2013Hi from Artaius
3/27/2013So true about sts! Integrity101
3/25/20131 from a friend ///333\\\
3/24/2013You radiate a peace that is noticable to many!
3/17/2013Truth, my friend. Penultimate.
3/11/2013Septenary Man
3/5/2013Tuesday Green! :) ~Vesper33~
2/20/2013Nice handle ~hillbilly
2/18/2013For contributing to the "Similar Quakes" thread. Thank you .. Zuzu
9/28/2012Hi anabel, I found this treasure and I want you to have it. It's a dinosaur egg or somthing.
9/17/2012For Yom Teruah - Patches
9/17/2012Thank you for your kindness. pool
9/16/2012Thanks anabel - Nika
9/15/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/14/2012Lady Bugs Chuck, lolol.
9/12/2012Straight up person :) ~D
9/11/2012Greetings from Iolair
9/11/2012You gave me some dead flowers that made me happy.
9/10/2012Thanks for the info--THE INQUISADOR
9/8/2012Quakes and asteroids... TheTruthWorker
9/8/2012You're an asteroid. haha dumbass.
9/8/2012Thanks for answering the question
9/7/2012For the fey one!- Luna
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