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BFE's Karma

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10/9/2014Greetings from ANHEDONIC : )
10/8/2014Thank YOU for reading and knowing...love-love,c​osmicgypsy
10/8/2014Ty! rachel
9/8/2014Greetings... Hope you are well - ANHEDONIC : )
9/3/2014Back at you ~ Sol Neman
9/2/2014Good luck
8/31/2014Thought there would be live entertainment this evening??? What happened?
8/27/2014Nahkers :)
8/24/2014Greetings & Well Wishes from ANHEDONIC : )
8/4/2014Green from ANHEDONIC
5/9/2014Well wishes from ANHEDONIC
5/7/2014Good to see you ~ A r c t u r u s
4/27/2014Wishing you well : ) - ANHEDONIC
3/27/2014Late night karma from ANHEDONIC : )
3/22/2014May all the believers of "god" die.
3/22/2014For the encouragement you gave the AC ~Bright Side
3/18/2014Love your attitude - ANHEDONIC
3/6/2014Hey friend, hope you are doing well! - ANHEDONIC
2/25/2014Karmaboost =) DontBeAfraidEVER
2/18/2014Congrats on joining the team =)
2/5/2014Anonymous Brave
1/30/2014We gon die
1/27/2014Hey BFE, hope you're doing well. - ANHEDONIC
1/20/2014I wanna give my mind a break
1/19/2014One love <3 - Bogan Bread
1/19/2014Get THIS.!.... Attention-seeker.
1/17/2014Moronic cult worshiper
1/15/2014It starts now! -ladyannie
1/15/2014Good post - we need to remember
1/15/2014Congrats on your new state of being : ) - ANHEDONIC
1/15/2014We posted @ the same time Your thread on Nep Fab
10/6/2013For sharing some good. :) AnonymousGirl
7/12/2013Keep being good! -Nighthawks
3/20/2013Great thoughts
3/2/2013I like your post
11/25/2012From Emerald Glow for looking up to the sky and state what no one want to know
11/5/2012From peacetard !!! love hearing from you have some green!

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