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12/10/2012You are going to have a beautiful life. xo Sloane
12/10/2012Because I like you - overwhatshername
12/6/2012For a beautiful soul! ~e1
12/1/2012Much love from the heart! ..11:11..
11/30/2012Dr. Acula
11/30/2012I'll always love you, sweet heart, I know your heart <3 Lars
11/30/2012Good person
11/28/2012You need a spanking...big time...
11/28/2012Cool gal
11/28/2012You imagine a badass man
11/28/2012Ask me a question
11/22/2012Love to hope, hope to love. CalmShock
11/22/2012Too offset some of your bad karma. From one mom to another. :)
11/22/2012Heres some goodz.. Goneviral
11/22/2012Love to you- seer
11/22/2012The baby cannon thing was a bit much.
11/22/2012Here. have a little green for the "baby cannon" thing,,, Deej
11/22/2012To make you smile:)
11/22/2012Sorry, some good Karma to cancell the bad. Don't feel bad, the bad comment is always about the one who leaves it not the person who gets it. Cheer up.
11/20/2012Don't ever give up the hope.... qarley
11/19/2012You really should pic another name it so doesnt fit you. No class? name dont fit
11/18/2012Hope your days will be better soon. Hugs, Sloane
11/18/2012Join a swingers club
11/18/2012You know where to find me if you need to talk... lars
11/18/2012For love, andrei
11/18/2012GTFO using GLP to wore ourself
11/1/2012A stranger here, to pass a huge cosmic hug to your heart
10/17/2012Love will always be... you and me... together... always in love... love you
10/9/2012You are all in the world i need <3 eternal
10/7/2012You've got it all. pool
10/7/2012Nobody puts Baby in the corner! - ANHEDONIC
10/4/2012Wonderful Dream * Iolair
10/3/2012For sharing your dream--oh yikes
10/3/2012Loads o crap
10/3/2012What a sweet spirit you have. Have a wonderful day. Sloane
10/3/20125 star dream. Pharista
10/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2012For my other half, love eternal, 141
10/1/2012Cuz i love you
9/21/2012Karma Hug :-) Rising Son
9/14/2012For love that goes beyond, 141
9/14/2012For insight
9/6/2012"forgiveness of corruption eradicates law." BS!
9/2/2012Good karma
9/2/2012"Lucifer Loved Eve" Iolair
9/2/2012Sorry for spamming your inbox - Hope it didn't bother you.... Thank you - Prophet.
9/1/2012Ozzy rules
8/31/2012"We were the epitome of love itself, we created and birthed the foundations of a new story and time." PERFECT!
8/31/2012For your beautiful prose <3

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