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Nathanael's Karma

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7/29/2013CS Lewis :) Sloane
8/30/2012For replying before the video was even posted good one {waterman}
8/30/2012Cats do indeed rule.
8/30/2012Thank You for the Love songs...CowgirlK
8/30/2012Much Love, angelic brother <3
8/29/2012For showing some love to the one who thinks they're cursed. Nika
8/29/2012For love, 141
8/29/2012Requited is a great word. - Borian...
8/29/2012For getting the Led out - Too Dark Park
8/29/2012For the music ~ Sloane
8/28/2012That is a great answer. I hope you can answer my question I posted on the angels thread. To add more to it, I thiknk Oya from the oshun chose me for something. Also it went along with something named
8/28/2012Your succint 100% correct 'Nobody' post.

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