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8/13/2014Thanks for helping The Old Timer out with a picture....1000 words and all
7/9/2014Fucking idiot
6/23/2014OMG on the tool time post, Isis One
6/23/2014Love the hammer! :D xenophon
6/11/2014Love the Victors of two centuries pic. New Heart
1/13/2014Completely loony. Did you draw your avatar while you were in the asylum? <---- Thats funny as fuck and possibly true
12/12/2013Lol - lime flavoured redux
12/11/2013Completely loony. Did you draw your avatar while you were in the asylum?
12/10/2013Man you are one total fucki
12/4/2013Nobody faggot
11/28/2013My real brothers name is Thomas A Anderson and I am chosen by GOD and sealed with his mark
11/28/2013T.M. Stands for Therese Marie. The true nobody is a she. God's Wife. Mother Earth. Stop FOOL Your photos are clearly altered in lighting.
10/16/2013Bug out buddy karma :)
10/13/2013Thank you for your post on the Medusa thread - abhie
9/20/2013Nice nice
9/3/2013Xxx Krispy71
8/30/2013GOD told her and marked her with a seal as well
8/24/2013Great post on 786. -matt c
8/23/2013Fantastic info ~LunaRabbit
8/12/2013Tnx for helping out with info and links xxx Krispy71
8/8/2013Sophia will sit on the Ark (womb) until there is no hate left in mans heart. No child will be concieved until that day. However long it takes. The womb is sealed.
8/4/2013From Uncle Mikey!
8/3/2013Thanks for the astro chart! Good Stuff!! CuriosityCat1
7/31/2013Are you Apollo Illuminaughty ?
7/30/2013From Shining.
7/16/2013Bullshitter extraordinaire
7/15/2013Very informative!
7/6/2013Bible verse.
7/6/2013Adds an intense vibe
6/25/2013Hello! I am on your Avatar picture. :-) Niemand
6/7/2013From Uncle Mikey!
5/24/2013I fuckin love you for that, made ma night :-) Ming
5/13/2013Wow. Crazy shit is going on! Niemand
5/8/2013Thanks for adding to my thread, Isis One
5/7/2013Please, for the love of jesus, change your avatar, I have never seen anything so god awful
5/5/20131 green karma==Congratulation​s! You are one of 3 winners for the King Tut Orb Caption! SK
4/8/2013Nice pictures
4/2/20131 from a new friend - Little Lion Man
3/31/2013Ez says thanks for the knowledge learned from your posts
3/21/2013For Love - <3 p.borealis
1/23/2013Green from pi
9/28/2012This is actually green, I see colors differently then you :) Isaac
9/25/2012Nostradamus is bull
9/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2012From Apollo
9/24/2012Too Many Drugs - Just Say NO, Man!!!

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