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10/31/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/29/2013I hear ya need some green before you expire? i hope this helps-:))))-thewaywew​ere
10/29/2013Ovranalyze. thanks
10/28/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/28/2013What a beautiful response to the lady that needed help with her 17yo son. I picked up some tips too. Tampaheather
10/27/2013Learn to be alone and to like it. There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company. WildFlower
10/27/2013Thx for Three Russians thread - Indysmindy
10/26/2013Hey beautiful :) hugs - Nem
10/25/2013Racist comment
10/23/2013I have found the more I think I know, the bigger fool I appear! ~UAP
10/20/2013Logical and positive messages
10/20/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/20/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/20/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/20/2013Discussion in Russians OVERHEARD --- good catch -- Elena.C
10/20/2013Great info on emu oil:-) trailingedge
10/19/2013"For you - please return some mean green, if you could - thx - Geo777" Don't ask for karma retard
10/19/2013Ask and ye shall recieve,, thanks as well
10/19/2013Sorry I am late, my friend ! From Tiger1.
10/17/2013ClydeX was here....
10/16/2013Keep safe....Lekker:)
10/15/2013Hey Geo sending fun karma energy your way :) Sloane
10/15/2013Upgrade contribution
10/15/2013Some green for you warriorsofthelord :)
10/15/2013Always right on! ~UAP
10/15/2013Green back at ya....Luke Skywatcher
10/15/2013Some Green for you! GOD Bless! Susie...:)
10/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/13/2013Thank you for contbuting to my martial law thread. And no, this is NO ordianry shut down! Fasten your seat belts! Love, Dease
10/13/2013Green for the hilarious horse post affair! - Eireann~
10/13/2013Hmm, Dutchsince and the UN? -aHEMagain
10/13/2013Hey ya go love finley
10/13/2013Ask and ye shall receive.
10/13/2013For your constant kindness. ~VeryNigh
10/13/2013Some green....grumpier
10/13/2013You asked for green in dutchsinse thread. So be it. Ms.SupDup
10/12/2013M )
10/12/2013Green to go - beeches.
10/12/2013Green for you! IndigoMoon
10/12/2013Just because =}.
10/12/2013For you
10/12/2013Green for you!
10/12/2013Karma for a good post! from gonviral
10/12/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/11/2013Yes, we have. Now it takes so much prayer to undo what we didn't prevent!
10/10/2013Thank you, I appreciate it more than I can convey
10/8/2013Thanks for posting in my thread -Cebeij
10/8/2013Baiting??? Really???
10/8/2013Smelt or chum?
10/4/2013Thanks! LittleMissDictator
10/3/2013GREAT THREAD! Karma from Gonviral
10/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2013Beautiful Song. BunBun
10/2/2013Green from saved for an awesome thread!!
10/2/2013Thanks for the link!
10/2/2013Thanks for your Obamacare thread! geminilion
10/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2013Interesting! ~Daniel of the Rose
9/30/2013EK was here. :)
9/23/2013Love the Act Paul snake story and love to you GFG
9/21/2013Beautiful, Elemental x
9/17/2013Here's some makeup green, Isis One
9/16/2013Ignore the haters
9/16/2013Glad your little boy came home. Amy A
9/16/2013Here's some
9/16/2013Something Wonder Full IS going to happen =}.
9/16/2013Indian lake project link.... thank you! -ladyannie
9/16/2013God Bless you and your son! ~CigarTigher
9/16/2013Prayers to you
9/16/2013Praying for your son's safe return - Indysmindy
9/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/16/2013You and your son are in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there! - ScarlettOHell
9/13/2013YOU ARE A GREAT MOM. pool
9/13/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/13/2013Thank you, Jedi
9/13/2013Sir Griffo
9/13/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
9/13/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/12/2013Ex-gay thread - great! beeches. sodomy is a behavior, not an inborn trait - my belief, anyway.
9/12/2013We needed a laugh - thanks.
9/12/2013E-Coli DOOM great thread idea! thanks, morgan
9/9/2013A sister in Christ, come say hi, savcash :)
9/9/2013"Your god is not here Michael" - Lady Godga (The real GOD)
9/9/2013OMG... you're so beautiful! Saw your picture on the members thread! - Eireann~
9/9/2013Thank you so much for posting this! We have to celebrate Him and tell others!
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