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3/11/2013Your right, the cops are the criminals. American taxpayers get shafted both ways
3/7/2013For the theories :) loophole
3/1/2013I can see; right on, through you
2/26/2013The Phantom Red Thumb Strikes Again!! Muahahahaha!!! Bad Karma!!
2/16/2013Today will be a good day for us... of that in fact, and only that, I am certain. ;P
2/7/2013Like that Ava ~ Artaius
2/7/2013This would mean that a red giant phase is Sol saying: "I don't fucking care anymore. Your game sucks."
1/26/2013I see you trollin trollin trollin, fuckit Im no hater of elephants :D /Michael
1/23/2013Riding an elephant :D
1/22/2013From scarbedazzles
1/21/2013Under your hat keep it.... LOL
1/14/2013Because its been more than a week
1/8/2013Just cause... -Seer
1/7/2013I may not be a fan, but your still allright /Michael
1/5/2013For being an obsequious pachyderm...
1/2/2013Happy new red karma!
1/2/2013Simply without careful examination
1/1/2013For the video
12/31/2012For some awesome posting today - Gigolo Jesus
12/31/2012Cant ignore that elephant... :) pi
12/27/2012Obs Pachy the poodle wrangler! LMAO
12/24/2012Christmas green. :) -Seer
12/20/2012A fool
12/16/2012Welcome to GLP! WindyMind
12/13/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/12/2012For the twelve pack!
11/11/2012This guy is funnier than hell and its tounge in cheek not nasty.
11/7/2012Shill elephant
11/7/2012Music lovers unite. :) Sloane
9/21/2012Fuck wit
9/20/2012I meeean
9/20/2012He said "stupid horse", but horses are not stupid, hence the - karma
9/19/2012They invented that? LOL! - AtsuiPanda~
9/16/20121 star lol
9/16/2012Karma love on Sat night from scar
9/13/2012I find you intriguing and familiar. <3 -Seer
9/13/2012Thanks for blowing my mind :) Martianprincess
9/12/2012Good words ~nah
9/9/2012Nice cardigan!~Luna

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