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loosegoose's Karma

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11/24/2013You're a dumb fuck.
9/30/2012Back in Nam we ate kittens
9/29/2012Jealous of your race? The majority of your race is on welfare and has an average IQ < 75. Don't like it here in the US, GTFO, we do not want nor do we need your kind.
9/29/2012Constant victim.
9/29/2012Im white and i blame you black peeps fo all my problems ya heard!
9/29/2012I agree ~ digitalgoodtime
9/29/2012Why not?
9/28/2012F off
9/28/2012Stop it blackie!
9/28/2012If you only look at the world in Black and White, you miss out on the beautiful colors and sunsets become boring. Drop the narrow vision glasses please.
9/28/2012Yeah, people are quick to blame blacks, Like the issues aren't systemic...- acegotflows
9/28/2012Stop trollin' honey. We have enough of them on here already.
9/28/2012Why don't you see your race for what they are and not what you want them to be?
9/28/2012Can't stand the truth?
9/28/2012Stop race baiting and join the Black Panthers already
9/28/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/28/2012Fuck you,'hood rat'
9/28/2012Because I can & want to!
9/28/2012RACIST. You should be ashamed.
9/28/2012For being a racist:)
9/28/2012Typical monkey ideology.
9/27/2012Ignore the haters. They suck!
9/23/2012Sorry ass peice of shit you are
9/22/2012Stupid fool

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