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Prof. Einstein's Karma

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12/7/2013Leftists suck
1/15/2013For giving red karma and actually having the balls to post your name!
1/13/2013Libtard turdquake
1/6/2013Idiot libtard
12/30/2012Nice avatar
12/30/2012Mindless cunt
12/30/2012Why don't you just go away?
12/30/2012You DON'T get it!
12/30/2012Calling people names loser
12/30/2012Prediction thread. Sir Griffo
12/30/2012Einstein my ass.
12/29/2012You really should read history before you comment on it, you're embarrassing yourself....
12/27/2012Fuck off
12/27/2012I predict red for you. LOOK! I was right!
12/27/20122nd ammendment will live
12/26/2012Fucking asshole.
12/26/2012Eat shit
12/26/2012STOP BREATHING....It is a waste of needed oxygen for those with a brain.
12/26/2012Anti-self defense
12/26/2012For being a proctologists dream...a DELUSIONAL FAQTARD
12/26/2012Inbred liberal duche bag no critical thinking skills MSNBC Drone Parrot butt munch loser dickhead
12/26/2012Go away
12/24/2012Yo! good work!
12/24/2012Anti-gun mega craptard.
12/23/2012Fuck you
12/21/2012Commie wacko
12/21/2012You're just trolling
12/21/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/16/2012Remember, you is kind, you is smart and you is good.
12/15/2012Einstein? I Think "NIMROD" Is More Appropriate, And More Your Speed! Looks Like Your Favorite Color Is Red! Here's Some More!
12/13/2012Dr. Retardo - prince of ignorance
12/13/2012There is but one God, and he is real, and his Word is the Holy Bible (KJV)
12/13/2012I agree, no god
12/12/2012For giving the jap a hard time - renegade :)
12/11/2012You are right about only idiots believing. Religion is merely a crutch for the weak minded.
11/9/2012Change your name, you're no where near intelligent to be called Einstein. Stupid Obama loving faggot.
11/9/2012Wha'da'ya think about this apple, bitch?!
11/9/2012What do you have a doctorate in, stupidity?
11/8/2012Fuck off shill
11/7/2012Eff ewe
11/7/2012Not that bright, are you?!?!?
11/7/2012Of low intelligence.
11/7/2012Obama's bitch
11/7/2012You're sad and pathetic to say the least.
11/7/2012Einstein?...hardly, mental midget....absolutely
11/7/2012Yeh, all you right-wing republican white supremist douchebags!
11/6/2012Rove should be in jail
11/6/2012Socialism does rule your life...
11/6/2012Fuck Obama, And Fuck You
11/2/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2012And - smart as a horse
10/26/2012You fail bad, you need to learn a lot!
10/25/2012Thread bullshit flooder. your posts are beyond suck. at least you pay.
10/15/2012What a POS you be - bunch'a cajuns living in the swamps
10/14/2012I never go red...but oh i want....give it up and get real....Psy
10/14/2012Idiot Fluoride-Head with 0 brain cells remaining
10/5/2012For your views on Islam ! - subzero86
10/5/2012Brainless Libtard without critical thinking skills
10/5/2012""Is this normal for YELLOWSTONE??? " well, if you can call a mega-caldera super-volcano "normal". yes. i guess it is." Made me laugh. :) - Meggarea

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