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10/8/2013Watch the skies,...watch them closely:) Nice to meet you. ~Z
10/8/2013Been a while, how is it going ?! ~ Arcturus
12/25/2012I liked the moons picture too --- Quasar
12/25/2012Hey man, it's pi, finally got an account!
12/20/2012Happy green! Poker Face
12/20/2012THANK YOU--Whit3
12/19/2012Dr. Acula
12/11/2012I agree about earth. Amy A
12/11/2012Agreed. Great post. Great thread!
12/11/2012I liked your Earth Isn't Real Post
12/11/2012Terrible attitude concerning Earth. Find some positivity before spewing such nonsense.
12/11/2012Peace and love to you - abbe normal x
12/11/2012Five stars and green karma, why are we here? GLP Angel
12/10/2012Awesome :)
12/9/2012Nice and friendly OP! Have a super day! Sloane
12/9/2012Some good Karma coming your way, bro ~ Artaius
12/8/2012Holiday karma! geminilion
12/8/2012Thank you again. You are kind - NothingFancy :)
12/6/2012And I shall not forget yours.
12/6/2012Hey, thanks. I appreciate it. I just read your Epic Battle Orion's Belt thread. Very interesting. I gave it 5*s. -- Thor's Hamster
12/6/2012Thanks! And some good karma for you, man! :) Parabola
12/5/2012Nice Community builder. -Undestroyer
12/1/2012Thank you for your kind words - NothingFancy
12/1/2012You deserve green for a fun thread! J-honey
12/1/2012Good thread
12/1/2012Greetings from a fellow GLPer ! - subzero86
11/30/2012Thank you--Whit3 Rabbit
11/30/2012Introduce yourself / great thread, greetings ~ Artaius
11/19/2012For your deja vu thread <3-luckyophelia
11/19/2012Caselogic...spread the word
11/12/2012You re welcome ~ Artaius
11/7/2012Thanks for liking the zombie thread - Turtles Voice
10/26/2012HUGS for you!....>>>>Settle4it​<<<<

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