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K.Kool's Karma

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4/13/2014Jesuit shill
4/6/2014Too long... xo.. cp
4/3/2014No shriners<masons<bavar​ian illu
3/30/2014Love GFG
3/28/2014Poor comprehensions skills apparently - video.catnip
3/21/2014For letting your light shine before men (L&L)
3/19/2014You're a Jesuit spy trying to influence GLP to Catholic heresy
3/11/2014Blatant blasphemy against humanitie's TRUE religion, Paganism. Do everyone a favor and die please :) No one likes you, everyone is pretending too lol
3/10/2014For sharing your faith and beliefs openly...even if I don't agree :P TJP GOD BLESS YOU!
3/10/2014Thank you for the mary head on the foot of serpent post
3/6/2014Catholic shill.
2/27/2014Haha! astral goat made u laugh
2/21/2014I Love You Too! ~ God
2/17/2014Uneducated bimbo
2/12/2014You have a good spirit , GT500
2/7/2014If a church is tax exempt it is a corporation. They are part of the matrix of control.
1/14/2014Touche'! -pi :)
1/11/2014Best response so far. (re: do white boys hate it) -- Rant
12/26/2013A Tums Karma - for your burning belly - Cheers & Merry Christmas - Retard
12/26/2013Hope you have a very Happy New Year! Bluebird
12/23/2013A Christian Australian, how rare and lovely - Rogue Messenger
12/9/2013Xo cp
12/6/2013Most rediculous post I have ever read.
12/1/2013Blond and Canadian , please don't try to sound smarter than you are
11/10/2013"...my heart bursts every mass." AMEN! Mine too! -Southern Lighthouse
10/7/2013The hapless Moran thinks you rock too!
10/7/2013I am not in any boxes.-TheEndIsNigh20​13
10/4/2013Green for you :)
9/8/2013Thank you ~ Fatalw1shes
8/22/2013Green for one of my favorite GLPers! :) ~ A Friend
8/21/2013Just about the only reasonable voice on the nationalism thread
8/17/2013Great commentary :) my 2 cents
8/17/2013B-I-M-B-O and BIMBO is your NAME-O
8/17/2013Always hoping life to become easier dear Kool. You hang in there. Big hug, Sloane
8/16/2013Thanks for posting on the Coptics thread. Appreciated. beeches
8/6/2013Thank you ~ Fatalw1shes
7/30/2013Well said GT500
7/30/20131 because God is freedom-Evan
7/30/2013For the example of perfect personal irony poster :) - Eireann~
7/12/2013Hello ~ A Friend
7/10/2013Welcome the stranger - nah
7/5/2013I agree, gnosticism IS dangerous.
7/5/2013Please take your religitard threads to a catholic forum.
7/5/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/3/2013Great find
7/3/2013There os no 'god' - gullible fuckwit
7/3/2013Yeah Kool think the world of you :) We will have some interesting discussions! Sloane
6/26/2013Funny answer -- homelessguy
6/23/2013I love you
6/21/2013Keep fighting the good fight for the disabled - mind's eye
6/15/2013Nice White Pointers
6/12/2013Kool Green! -Who.
6/6/2013Thanks for the support! -IK
6/3/2013More green to compensate for accidental red. Bluebird
5/30/2013Sir Griffo
5/30/2013You should move to saudi arabia your muslim friends will be happy to have you there
5/30/2013Doctrine of hate thread :-) Ming
5/30/2013Resistant to the Agenda
5/28/2013K.Green. -Who.
5/27/2013Hello ~ A Friend
5/27/2013Slow learner . tm
5/26/2013Blah blah
5/22/2013Prayers never get answererd.
5/21/2013To offset ACCIDENTAL red before! Bluebird
5/20/2013Dumb fuck
5/20/2013MS Paint skills need green! -Who.
5/19/2013Thank you for the back up ~ Re_Deek_u_lus
5/19/2013Much love ~ A Friend
5/17/2013Cock and balls up urs
5/16/2013Very selfish of y ou to let your daughter in a public pool with that kind of infestation. shame on you.
5/10/2013Put some clothes on whore
5/10/2013Wake up sheep, Yahweh is just another mytical figure of a big list of fake ones.
5/9/2013For the tits
5/9/2013Your avatar is beautiful! I love you! -iamaka
5/9/2013Kool green. :-) -Who.
5/9/2013Should call you Kool-aid, seems you've been drinking it
4/30/2013Hi ~ A Friend
4/30/2013Thanks ~ Fatalw1shes
4/29/2013What to say but you are a very lovely and special person. Hugs, Sloane
4/26/2013KKool nice new avatar! Summer! Bluebird
4/26/2013Dropping by with some weekend hugs! Junkyard Lily :-)
4/22/2013"Neither love or hate, but Truth." - Knowbody Special
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