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5/3/2013Thanks for the kind words! WeAreOne.
4/30/2013And hollow skull.
4/30/2013Boston Bombtard
4/17/2013Thanks for the radiation warning!-hugh m eye
4/15/2013Comment re: Thoughts - ANHEDONIC
4/14/2013Libtard idiot
4/10/2013I can't help appreciating a clever turn of phrase!
3/28/2013Tx for the love. -SteveWutabi
3/14/2013Thanks for sharing =) Sharing is VERY important in these times. DontBeAfraidEVER =)
3/12/2013Aloha- seer
3/7/2013Well said hollow bones , GT500
2/27/2013Good threads. From, Gladio
2/6/2013I'm glad to see you can make an argument without framing it within the false paradigm that is American politics
2/6/2013Great info
2/6/2013Nice DHS Insider thread!
2/6/2013Good info
2/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/20/2012I say we are the aliens, we are in god's image
11/11/2012You're as worthless and ignorant as the waste of flesh that originally posted the disgusting Veteran's Day post. May you suffer your days and anguish your nights.
11/5/2012The world needs less idiots like you
11/5/2012Your dumber than a plastic spoon,Keep your mouth shut you MORAN!
11/3/2012Funny post, made my day!
10/30/2012Excellent prose 'standing in line ... but don't you believe them' river iris
10/23/2012I happen to agree with you about this prison paradigm we live in, Angelhelper
10/21/2012Top Hat

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