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The Norwalk Avenger's Karma

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1/12/2015Thx for posting on my big dig thread - tripleh
6/20/2014For organic sulfur thread... Guitarjohn
4/29/2014Amazing story n contribution to thread
2/24/2014Nothing good will come of this,hooker dolls,and murder.
8/10/2013I'm of Mexican descent as well. Thank you for your post and for showcasing that we have brains as well! :) Martianprincess
8/9/2013Returning the green :) - Too Dark Park
7/22/2013Survivalist extraordinare. Pool
7/21/2013Blessings - Martianprincess
6/22/2013Although you love the dick, we don't need to hear about it
6/6/2013Calm down inside.
6/2/2013Could you try and edit your comments down to a few coherent sentences. Your psychobabble is wasting prescious bandwidth.-GeenApple2​Step
6/2/20131 for being a minority on GLP...read your comment in the good/bad karma thread. Kudos to you for standing your ground and having a rational argument. -pole cat
5/31/2013Red for you. Every week. For life. See ya around.
5/27/2013Greetings from insertfunnyusername :)
5/6/2013You on the Cruz thread, full of win - Comedian
4/9/2013Diet Coke is poison. PLEASE don't drink that stuff!
4/5/2013For posting a thread to help another. SkinnyChic
4/2/2013Golden Rule: Forgotten
4/2/2013YOU are a little cloying
3/31/2013Thanks buddy -SteamrolledGobias

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