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12/13/2012Abe vigoda loves you and wants you to be happy
12/13/2012For a dance
12/12/2012We are all legends in our own minds....LOL!!! Thanks!
12/7/2012Thank you for helping to take care of our Animal friends!!! From Agent_P
12/6/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/6/2012It is nice to meet you Sir Richard Pumpaloaf the 3rd, I am The Light Under the Door, not to be confused with the light next to the door nor the light over the door.
12/3/2012Thanks for the reply{waterman}
12/3/2012Jewish gematria LOL manu
11/29/2012Kill says: because you're awesome
11/28/2012A Fandango 21 Beef JErkey Salute to you my freind!
11/20/2012I'm not crying
11/19/2012You know your stuff
11/11/2012Ha! Great Post on the retard thread - amach
11/11/2012What goes around comes around?
11/10/2012Self seeker
11/10/2012Gud Mornin' ~1947 (:
11/10/2012Come out her ears
11/9/20121 for fighting the good fight. Path
11/7/2012For the poo pun laugh
11/6/2012For walking - Blue Skies
11/6/2012One of thebest posters on GLP. Hawk02
11/4/2012B/c op is full of it, and that pic is full of win
11/1/2012Wear the tail up front. I laughed my ass off! -j994k
10/30/2012Go Away Shill
10/30/2012Lol thats funny..wildhoney

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