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Iamtheone's Karma

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5/28/2013Awful and unhelpful answer.
12/16/2012What an ass
12/14/2012You are a dumbass
12/13/2012For talking sense. Love DefJ@m
12/12/2012His comment about murdering a 5 year old girl and eating her puppies.
12/11/2012For applying reason and facts to the discussion
11/23/20121 because you need some green karma > X
11/23/2012You're a pain in the ass and no one wants to hear anything you have to say.
11/23/2012You are a self righteous belittling little fuck
11/23/2012You are a self righteous belittling little fuck
11/19/2012Ill give you green but lillith and eve are the same woman in Genesis.
11/19/2012You are starting to seek: try Chuck Missler's Genesis series on Youtube. An intelligent explanation of the steps in God's world plan.
11/17/2012Quality post
11/16/2012Ignorant, judgemental and not very bright.
11/16/2012Ban this retard
11/16/2012Complete waste of space
11/15/2012Yeah, I'm sorry you bothered too, dickhead
11/15/2012Trinity is not a she. Lucky if u are not banned for spouting off.
11/15/2012Just another Trinity panic attack!
11/15/2012Sarcasm does not become you.
11/14/2012For the courage to post ~ Light Under the Door

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