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7/23/20171up - hydra
7/15/2017Weekend green . hydra
7/14/2017Up 1. Reality420
7/7/20171up - hydra
7/6/2017Up1. Reality420
6/29/20171up - hydra
6/25/2017My dear friend, I've missed you, hugs Ele xxx
5/30/20171up - hydra
5/12/2017Glad you got out of Zetatalk
5/12/2017Well said - Setheory
5/9/2017Nice to see you again - Hydra
3/13/20171up - hydra
3/6/20171up - hydra
1/24/20171up - Hydra
11/17/2016Schön, dass Du immer mal wieder hier vorbei schaust :)
7/30/20161 up - hydra
5/13/2016Schön Dich hier wiederzutreffen - Hydra
4/7/20161 up - hydra
2/10/2016Up 1. R420
1/21/20161up hydra
10/30/2015Up1. R420
10/17/2015Up1. Reality420
9/1/2015Spot on Nancy summary...Setheory
4/13/2015Up1. Reality420
4/1/2015Up1. Reality420
2/28/2015Up1. R420
2/17/2015Up1. R420
1/25/2015Hi buddy --- it has been a while so 1 up
1/4/2015Up 1. Happy Holidays. R420
12/22/20141up - hydra
11/8/20141up - hy
10/24/2014Up1. Abducted by the Zetas? Reality420
10/18/2014Squishy hugs my darling, Ele xxxxx
10/9/20141up - hydra
10/7/2014Up1. Reality420
10/3/2014You're a sky full of stars :D
10/1/20141up - hy
9/12/2014Up1. PX seems just about vanquished. Reality420
8/31/2014Up1. R420
8/28/2014Setheory was here
8/26/2014You're so special & I love you loads xx
8/25/2014To keep the bane away; BKK
8/21/2014Up1 for Zeta bigotry. Viel Glück immer. Reality420
8/17/2014You went through my mind :D
8/13/2014Up1. Reality420
8/4/2014For returning from oblivion in such a big way - Setheory
8/3/2014Up1. R420
7/28/2014Have a wonderful week! spider love xx
7/27/2014One up buddy - Veritas
7/25/2014Thanks for your advice :) ~TH
7/20/2014My favourite person in the whole world, spider love xx
7/19/2014Up1. Good to see you're still around. R420
7/18/20141up - hy
7/10/2014Good karma for one of the best people that I know, spider love xx
7/7/2014Glad to see you again; BKK
7/4/2014Up1. Welcome back. Anti-ban support. Reality420
7/3/2014You're biased...and you know my real life :) thanks darling.
7/2/2014Back! - 74444
7/2/2014Thx - back to you - Hy
6/26/2014Up1. Reality420
6/19/2014Peacock spider love :)
6/18/20141up Hy
6/16/2014Keeping up the anti-bane brigade: BKK (aka LBJ)
6/11/2014Green latern buddy - Veritas
6/10/2014Hugs, Ele xx
5/18/20141up - hydra
5/18/2014Green for my lovely :) x
5/9/2014No reason necessary.
5/9/2014Keep up the good work: LBJ
4/28/2014Up1. Reality420
4/25/2014Ban prevention green - Hydra
4/24/2014For a dose of earthquake consistency reality - phoomp
4/24/2014No bane here! LBJ
4/23/2014Such special! Much love! A
4/21/2014MaTV anti-ban fund
4/15/2014Up1. Is Indonesia still 80ft under water? Reality420
4/14/2014Just the most gorgeous of people :))
4/13/2014Thanks for everything - 74444
4/12/20141 up - Hydra
4/10/2014Let's keeps the anti bane karma banks full: LBJ
4/6/2014Welcome back - Veritas
4/5/2014Up1. N*ncy may be quiet but the PX disease just goes on and on. Reality420
4/5/2014Keeping you around - 74444
4/5/2014For the next 1-month ban immunity - Hydra
4/3/2014Hugs for a shiny star xx
3/24/2014Back at you: LBJ
3/22/2014Up1. Ahhh... I thought SlinkyMan had abducted you. Reality420
3/19/2014Biggest love xx
3/13/2014Up1. Have the Zetas abducted you? Reality420
3/4/2014Up 1. Hope you are OK. Reality420
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