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8/9/2013Just Because :-) ~Tandym
3/10/2013For reviving me tel u
3/1/2013Thanks, acolyte
2/9/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/9/2013For putting down fellow Americans you digusting piece of homosexual shit.
2/6/2013Waste of breathable air.
2/5/2013For Bezerk
2/5/2013Heisenberg is a fucking idiot shill troll - He is proven wrong all the time and his response is always "Well, I can't prove your wrong, but you are"
2/5/2013To get your thread up and running
2/5/2013O) fore-eyz
2/5/2013Omgwtfbbqretard. grow up you attention whoring cocksucker.
2/5/2013More role playing retardation, plus karma begging.
2/5/2013Bezerktard - clueless attention whore
2/5/2013Green! ~tandym
1/28/2013Shit eater
1/22/2013Back to basics
1/21/2013Are you mentally ill, or just a troll?
1/20/2013I'm not say'n its aliens but... its aliens. RayGun
1/20/2013Chemtrail awareness. /calx
1/20/2013Thanks -- mordier
1/20/2013Good job -mm
1/19/2013I fully support you, maybe was some misunderstanding. Rxel
1/19/2013Giving you some green today! Watching the world
1/18/2013Patetically Retarded - Read a Book
1/17/2013Faggot is gonna faggot arent ya faggot?
1/17/2013Great work!! from PHX57
1/16/2013Apologies for disrupting your thread. Old bezerk politics got the better of me. Best of luck to you. BHD
1/16/2013Cap lock retard
1/15/2013Complete and utter ass-hat
1/15/2013One of the most irritating psychos on this goddamn site. Get help brah.
1/14/2013Thanks for bringing this up again - Oiled in Florida
1/14/2013Thanks for the Bezerk thread restart & your efforts...Ralph--a house dog
1/14/2013For the interest of others
1/14/2013Good post on bezerk thread, some green for your work ...333...
1/14/2013For bringing these threads back. Well done Chani mate!
1/14/2013Blitz cast a protective plasma sheild around you!
1/14/2013Thank you for Me Tel U Now Awareness -Serendipitous
1/14/2013May 15th thread
1/14/2013Intellectual thinking
1/14/2013To counterbalance the red someone gave. i like this thread.
1/14/2013Heres some green, Isis One
1/14/2013Ask and ye shall receive
1/13/2013To cancel out the lame no pic red from someone even lamer. :-)
1/13/2013Thanks man
1/13/2013You are ignorant. Video games are mind control.
1/13/2013Me sen u green b4 15 May -- Paa Tal
1/13/2013Love scarbedazzles
1/13/20135/19/13 expect us
1/13/2013Important stuff
1/13/2013Here is some green to bash the red....waitn4end....g​ood work!
1/13/2013Attention seeking retard who makes shit up and writes it like a 6 year old would. fucking pathetic dude. grow the fuck up and control your ego.
1/13/2013Greetings ~ Artaius
1/13/2013No pic
1/13/2013Good stuff, thanks
1/13/2013More karma for you, angelhelper
1/13/2013Interesting me tell u thingy . strongman
1/13/2013Good thread....try code 1776
1/13/2013Good post
1/13/2013Keep up the may 15 thread bro! :-)
1/13/2013For me tel u pin
1/13/2013Good thread :)
1/13/2013There you go :)) Chas...thanks for posting..me like May 15th
1/13/2013For the May 15th 2013 thread
1/11/2013Thanks for posting the info on me tel u again. Its important
1/11/2013Ass bag hater!
1/11/2013Nice catch on Me Tel U! Thanks! MRoot
1/11/2013BS spread
1/10/2013Great Post!
1/10/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/10/2013SunTard Thread_GeoStorm
1/10/20134 teh lulz! Roflcopter! OMGWTFBBQ!!! #mister_worldwide
1/9/2013I have always believed
1/9/2013English Motherfucker - do you speak it?
1/9/2013You obviously know nothing about the development of Autism. Keep my child out of your fear-mongering.
1/9/2013He wants to get the info out and stays on topic
1/9/2013Sunspot thread! Tanos
1/8/2013Good catch on the sunspots
1/8/2013Nice catch :)
1/8/2013Sunspot tards unite. pool
1/8/2013Filament crackle :)
1/8/2013Sunspots, schmunspots... Paranoid fuckwit.
1/8/20132 Sun Spots - Biscuits & Gravy
1/8/2013Not one but two HUGE SUNSPOTS
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