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2/13/2017Hope your Corgi is doing well! -Aquagrass
1/14/2017Green to counter the "mean". God bless you. TheLordsServant
1/12/2017Sins against the Holy Spirit are not forgiven, remember that
1/11/2017Jehovah's Witless.
12/28/2016No pork maybe grilled cheese or something
12/22/2016Thanks for little girl & puppy thread - januarywolves
12/21/2016Awwww for little girl's appreciation. Green hugs to you! - Sunshyne
12/18/2016From Ralph--a house dog;;;;;'dark side of the moon'
12/10/2016This is not a fake green thumb.Hawk02
12/4/2016Thanks for your threads, you always encourage me! Greetings from Belgium ;-)
11/22/2016Green from Alaska...tatetopawin-​
11/21/2016The greatest happiness is giving, without looking back.
11/19/2016Need some red, badly
11/19/2016For your great threads the deplorable Carol B.
11/15/2016Love GFG
11/13/2016Jesus illustrations
11/11/2016Miss your posts - ;-)
11/5/2016For spreading love. Hugs, sunshyne
10/11/2016Post less
10/9/2016Trinity thread>>>MarPep
9/15/2016Help! -cavjock12
9/11/2016Flyby green! ~ A Friend
8/24/2016From Ralph--a house dog
8/13/2016IQ of peanutty turd
8/9/2016Thank you, Jesus Christ!
7/19/2016Anti christ
7/19/2016Walk off the Earth. :) strgzr
7/5/2016Robotic jw trapped in demonic religion
7/4/2016Nonsense stop pretending to be scientist
7/3/2016Go,,,fuck yourself and your invisable friend
6/27/2016Excellent bible education without going to church
6/19/2016God will tolerate nuclear extinction inflincted on his bio-sphere
6/6/2016Song for my cousin :) Thanks for the thread, Sloane
6/4/2016Love GFG
6/3/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
5/24/2016MoodyBlues. strgzr
5/16/2016Pretends to understand evolution enough to reject it. Doesn't actually understand it at all.
5/14/2016Need more red to help you see the way.
5/6/2016Stopping by to say hello! Daddysgirl!
5/5/2016Driveby Green on a Wonderful Thursday! ~ A Friend
4/29/2016Prince once busted a nut so large in your moms ass her breath smelled like purple rain for a month
4/28/2016Didn't mean to 'spank,' just like to share truth - L.S.
4/13/2016Eternal Torment ~ i concur ~ NT
3/25/2016Love & light
3/25/2016Dumbass 2.0 the future of morans
3/24/2016Green for ALL your threads! Daddysgirl!
3/19/2016You need massive amounts of red you cultist deceiver
2/25/2016Very nice of you, big thanks. Chiv
2/24/2016His death and resurection. Good thread and God bless-dschis
2/13/2016Speaks truth
2/6/2016Your vain and self-centered doubt, sad as it is, is not contagious, lucky for the rest of us. Damn what a loser.
2/5/2016For she is a fair maiden, fairest lady of a house of queens!!! Vala :)))
2/5/2016Please stop.
2/5/2016Jehovah's Witness = Deceived
2/4/2016You are not annointed by the Creator to preach. Enough already.
1/30/2016Green for discussing things . Debates are Good
1/25/2016607 is NOT the year Jerusalem was destroyed. Yet you keep pushing your cult...
1/25/2016Enjoy your day sacred energy
1/19/2016Offset that red karma!
1/18/2016Wretched, wretched little hag, desperate for some attention with your vain posturing here. Quite tragic and sad, please stop.
1/15/2016Love your threads and thank you for the beautiful scripture :) byfaithalone
1/14/2016John 8:44
1/14/2016Love you CM but You gotta Think for yourself
1/11/2016You need professional help for your OCD
1/11/2016The antichrist in you never rests? rude awakening very soon
1/11/2016Hello M'Lady :))) Vala :)) xxxx
1/9/2016Have some good karma cm
1/7/2016Because what she is replying with is true
1/2/2016I appreciate you and your threads too, friend, disagreeing or not.
1/1/2016Because we get too much red:) Foy
1/1/2016Have a good new year! ...nutmeg...
12/31/2015Who is giving green to this hell merchant? You're cursed if you do that you moran.
12/31/2015What you lack in intellect is compounded by the shallowness of your soul. Happy New Year, by the way, you douche.
12/30/2015Speaking doctrine of demons
12/19/2015Fuck alabama ya inbred goat
12/19/2015How about ANSWERING one of your questions for a change? You are SO annoying it's beyond words.
12/14/2015Love GFG
12/8/2015For your Christmas thread. Os76.
12/7/2015Glad you liked my link M5
11/29/2015Equals happy sunday
11/28/2015You desperately need Jesus Christ to free you. desperately.
11/15/2015Stop treating people like they are stupid. Perhaps it is you with the blinders on.
11/15/2015Jehovah Witness
11/14/2015Jehova Witness
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