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4/17/2014Questioning Easter-ParadigmShift
4/17/2014Take your Satanic bible and get the fuck out of here.
4/14/2014You are not qualified to answer many of the questions people bring up on your threads. copy/paste of a bible verse doesn't answer a question. my advice is to stop. ~~~whynow
4/9/2014False prophet
4/9/2014Take your Satanic bible and get the fuck out of here.
4/9/2014God be with you
4/8/2014You should hook up with that other evolution idiot. You could breed the anti Christ.
4/7/2014Nah :)
4/5/2014Your snares are fail
4/5/2014Good thread
4/1/2014Take your Satanic bible and get the fuck out of here.
4/1/2014Love your threadz)
3/29/2014Shabbat Shalom-ParadigmShift
3/27/2014Swaps IP addresses so she can bump her own threads-Satanic? I think it is!
3/26/2014Good post
3/25/2014Red for you again
3/23/2014For deleting posts-God watches- Brighter
3/22/2014Clever thread titles dont make up for fact u provide no evidence
3/22/2014I pray you read some criticisms of the JW and resolve the issues using your Bible only.
3/22/2014You should hook up with that other evolution idiot. You could breed the anti Christ.
3/22/2014Doing a few magic tricks doesn't make you god, or even the son of god.
3/21/2014Atheist government dependent idiot
3/20/2014You are right !! Rock on !!!! intelligent design !+1
3/20/2014Banging bibles again
3/20/2014A special kind of fuqwit
3/18/2014I like you
3/18/2014What can I say, i know a few personaly, and they do walk the walk... ev
3/17/2014The reason I think you and dgn are the same is that I don't like to think that is more than1 person this stupid on the planet
3/16/2014Quit twisting scriptures, He was teaching how to pray
3/15/2014You should hook up with that other evolution idiot. You could breed the anti Christ.
3/13/2014Another JW Watchtower spammer
3/12/2014Come out of her lest you partake of her plagues
3/10/2014A little red to off set the green
3/9/2014: )
3/7/2014Great thread
3/3/2014Morans Witnesses
3/3/2014Well played.
3/1/2014Once saved Post Question- Kamindaki
3/1/2014Fuck off watchtower whore
2/27/2014Encouragement scripture... blessings to you OP... abeliever
2/27/2014Cocksucking JW's
2/27/2014A little green offset the redr
2/25/2014Vala :-)
2/24/2014Christianity is a plague on humanity. You are a plague,disease ridden rat trying to spread misery to others.
2/24/2014Happy Green Day ~ A Friend
2/23/2014God Bless - whiteangel
2/23/2014Keep pushing your religious agenda and I will keep my red karma on you.
2/23/2014Blabla god blabla Jesus blblbblalblbabl
2/23/2014Dumbassed religionist
2/22/2014Byez byeez
2/20/2014For your animal thread ~ Shamar
2/19/2014Animal thread!
2/19/2014Do us all a favor and wake the fuck up. Bibletard.
2/19/2014Go live on mars
2/18/2014Animals are beter humans are vile
2/18/2014Red red red red red red red
2/16/2014The man in your head is calling
2/16/2014Animals rock/ make life worth living,.,. fouders fan
2/16/2014For bowing to cults and trying to further their oppression. You will end up in hell
2/9/2014Being a religtard
2/8/2014Evil Illusion
2/8/2014Get a fucking life chimo protecting tard pull dgn's dick out of your mouth
2/6/2014Mocking people.
2/6/2014Red is a nice shade on you
2/5/2014Spawn of satan
2/5/2014God got a kick in the nuts from Satan
2/5/2014Jesus deepthroats Teletubbies
2/4/2014For more than one post of yours I have read lately.
2/3/2014Welcome to the red side!!
2/1/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/1/2014Your urgent breaking "news story" sucks
2/1/2014Well said!
2/1/2014Jehoiakim Wickedness, this woman is a deceiver leading people to hell.
1/31/2014Militant thiest religiturd
1/30/2014Gullible Bibliotard
1/27/2014Unicorn shithead
1/27/2014Can you speak English dumb ass?
1/26/2014Vala :-)
1/26/2014God the hobgoblin of the clouds
1/19/2014Cause youre a stupid unicorn
1/17/2014From heaven LOL
1/17/2014Not The Best Debater-sadly a Bit Dumb
1/15/2014Blitz has mercy on your judgement! :P
1/15/2014For believing in a god
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