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LisaDiane's Karma

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7/16/2014Just a super spectacular person. A real gem through and through. <3 Doomish
7/8/2014You seem to be a cool women/wife :D that makes me happy. you care about your partner
7/8/2014Good luck with your husbands testicles :) ~Stoned Goddess
7/2/2014Thank you
6/21/2014"Happy weekend"-green xxxK
6/9/2014For your generous work - msz
5/31/2014Thank you Lisa, Still here
5/29/2014Some green! jux!
5/29/2014Green Thursday xxxK
5/28/2014Nah-T :)
5/23/2014Thank you, Stillhere
5/21/2014Nah :)
5/15/2014Just Because! ~~ Let Freedom Ring
5/14/2014Nah :)
5/10/2014Just dropping some green. jux!
5/10/2014Have a great week-end, Stillhere
5/10/2014Blessings and apreciation xxxK
5/7/2014Green hug - msz
5/7/2014Green...for your rose bushes :-) Have a wonderfully rosy day! ~interested_1
5/7/2014Good luck :) ~norml85~
5/6/2014Hello darling! nah :)
5/6/2014Back at cha! Left you an email.
4/30/2014Best of luck at your chair sitting excersize program! -- from goodmockingbird
4/29/2014Thank you! Stillhere
4/29/2014Nah :)
4/28/2014Shut up bibletard. Take your filth to a christian website, not a conspiracy website.
4/28/2014GNx xxxK
4/27/2014Love Showgirls1980 :) x
4/25/2014Thank you LisaDiane. You are very kind. 9's.
4/24/2014The dogs are so adorable~kpm~
4/23/2014Same to you! ~ Simple27 : )
4/22/2014If you don't ask, you never find out - lightchild_uk
4/21/2014Hello sunshine! nah :)
4/20/2014Happy 4-20~Silvervega
4/19/2014Great thread thanks, Vespertopia
4/15/2014Thank you for your wonderful contribution on the dowsing thread :) Much Love, Lucy
4/13/2014Nice trailer, thanks for the suggestion! Stillhere
4/12/2014Fuck off bible thumper
4/12/2014God's not Dead ! full faith
4/12/2014Drug dogs have a job to do big whoop
4/7/2014Thank you for your kind words about SLOMO! ~ Marie
4/5/2014For reaching out and offering your help to those in need - ANHEDONIC
4/4/2014Thread about threads
4/3/2014Green for a cool idea! Hope you figure out how to do it!Silentlyknowing
4/1/2014Stupid,stupid,stupid~​ Did i Mention Stupid?
3/31/2014Thanks for the comments on the Noah thread~ Chugiakian
3/28/2014Luv from Cape Town....Lekker:)
3/25/2014Idiotic Jesus tard
3/24/2014Glad you enjoyed (evolve) <3
3/24/2014Hope you had a great trip, Stillhere
3/10/2014Thanks for contributing to the purslane thread! Let Freedom Ring
3/7/2014Hello LisaDiane - ANHEDONIC
3/7/2014Hi! Lost Angel previously Lil' Angel
3/5/2014N a H <3
3/2/2014Love GFG
2/27/2014For being so nice
2/26/2014N a H <3
2/16/2014Thanks for your prayers for Weston, Stillhere
2/13/2014Digital mix guy :)
2/10/2014Hello sweetheart! nah <3
2/4/2014Thanks Lisa, Stillhere
1/28/2014Thanks for the message! Shes doing much better as well as the baby!
1/26/2014Thanks for your help
1/19/2014Hellos from nah <3
1/7/2014Offers dangerous advice
1/4/2014From TastyThoughts
1/4/2014Nah <3
1/3/2014Your healing techniques sound interesting - Vision Thing
1/2/2014Green from homelessguy92
10/10/2013For the healing...psi
10/10/2013Thanks for the reading - ANHEDONIC
9/3/2013From kitkat
6/21/2013Thanks my friend for all of your prayers! Mathetes
6/18/2013Thank You ... Nut
6/6/2013Amazing gift and generous with it. XO~U3
5/31/2013Green Karma for my new Buddy! LIL ANGEL :)
5/14/2013I like your comment :)
4/29/2013Ver nice work with your AK! :) God Bless! LIL' ANGEL
4/29/2013For your postings on the Kinesiology thread - Lotus x
4/8/2013Beige carpet and black leather sofa...nicely done -Dude
4/1/2013Great thread - Half Past Midnight
3/25/2013Thank you for your reply Sandpiper
3/23/2013Thank you for your comment! Angelic_Warrior
2/13/2013Posted a telephone number of an innocent person in order to harass him.
1/10/2013Thank you for you comments :)
12/17/2012Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!
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