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CaptCarter's Karma

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1/19/2017Bodiless greentings!
1/19/2017Martini & cigar greeeeen
1/19/2017Green from Munsoned!
1/19/2017Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/19/2017<3 cm
1/18/2017Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/18/2017Out of Sight Love
1/18/2017Keep The Music Alive ~ ConspiracyOrReality
1/18/2017Likewise sir! Matjaz
1/18/2017Blessings capt;) izzybeth
1/17/2017Jazzy greenage!
1/17/2017A Karma roll sounds really good right about now, maybe with some chips and a dill pickle, yum! ~ TheQueenofFrance
1/17/2017I hope you're having a nice week! ~ Simple27 : )
1/17/2017Thanks for the green Sir....Psychedelic.
1/17/2017Green from indiandave.
1/16/2017Good Karma rolling back at you! - Tesla
1/16/2017Love ya much thanks for all you do GFG
1/16/2017What up c.c. UseLessRepEATER
1/15/2017<3 msmc Xx
1/15/2017Sunday karma upgrade. Zod!
1/15/2017Cheers! ~~ Stinkbug
1/15/2017Have a great Sunday!
1/14/2017Love from eekers
1/14/2017Back at ya CC ~kpm~
1/14/2017Green for you! - Anubis
1/14/2017Have a great weekend! :) -Ankhiale
1/13/2017M*walk :)
1/13/2017Much loved Captain of the Music. -Haun-
1/13/2017Green for my favorite moderator of this site! WearyWarrior
1/11/2017KipKat :)
1/11/2017Eq thread! cgip
1/10/2017Uncle Fuck Stick
1/10/2017Green drive by capt!! -Relativity
1/10/2017Happy New Year back to you, C.C. May we all be blessed in 2017. ChiaPet.
1/10/2017Green from Goneviral
1/9/2017Jb green for your place...soup
1/9/2017Karma Hug! ~ Simple27 : )
1/9/2017Happy New Year CC! I think it's going to be a crazy year! bigD
1/9/2017WA hugs
1/9/2017Brotha green from Scrump!
1/7/2017Happy New Year Karma! -BRD
1/7/2017All the best in this year. Zod!
1/7/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
1/7/2017Lurker Green - mistersplinter
1/6/2017Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/6/2017All the Best for the Year Ahead ~ Mattie :-)
1/6/2017Thanks ...waterman
1/6/2017Happy New Year!!!! Patient Grasshopper
1/6/2017Happy new year, love milamoon!
1/5/2017Thanks for the pin CC! 5starbandit
1/5/2017In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship and never in want. Love from Vala :)))
1/5/2017Thank you too! beeches
1/5/2017Best wishes in the new year man from UseLessRepEATER
1/5/2017Green for the mod that is at GLP 24/7! Thank you! WearyWarrior
1/3/2017Happy New Year! -Rev
1/3/2017Happy New Year! - Base12
1/3/2017Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Captain. The JST will continue to expand in 2017. Love from Holland. InterMezzo : )
1/3/2017Happy New Year! msmc Xx
1/3/2017Happy New Year! :) -Ankhiale
1/3/2017Happy New Year! SkinnyChic
1/2/2017Happy New Year to you and your wife, blessings. -Haun-
1/1/2017Happy New Year, have some Green ~ Joe Camel
1/1/2017TY - Happy New Year Capt. - jdb
1/1/2017Happy New Year. Brotha.
1/1/2017Happy New Year Captain. Out of Sight
1/1/2017Happy New Year !! Emerge
1/1/2017Happy New Year! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/31/2016Happy New Year from indiandave.
12/31/2016Happy new year - QClu
12/31/2016Happy New Year! Ostria
12/31/2016Happy New Year! Have a great 2017!
12/31/2016Happy New Year dear CaptCarter and Yoshi.
12/30/2016Tis the season ~~ Stinkbug
12/30/2016New year Green from Munsoned!
12/30/2016Happy 2017! ~ ConspiracyOrReality
12/30/2016Happy new year! eekers
12/30/2016Happy New Year...Cheers to the Captain! Love Ellusion :)
12/30/2016Have a safe New Year, my friend. Earth Cries
12/29/2016Happy New Year green Captain! big
12/29/2016Wheres my bourbon. ? Useless Repeater
12/27/2016Yaaasssss. lol! Excellent comeback!
12/26/2016Happy New Year ! From Tiger1.
12/26/2016I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year! ~ Simple27 : )
12/26/2016Thanks waterman
12/26/2016Happy Jukebox ! Soupster
12/26/2016Merry Christmas Cap'n! ~deafcat
12/26/2016I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas! ~SpiritWarrior
12/25/2016I LOVE your thread, Merry Xmas Captain, happy to make your acquaintance. ~ TheQueenofFrance
12/25/2016Merry Christmas, Capt :) -- Baltimoran
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