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Zeff's Karma

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1/4/2014Blame the Jews for everything! OMG they can't be stopped!
4/19/2013Please leave and never come back to this forum. You don't belong here.
4/18/2013Useless shit stain on the ass of humanity
4/17/2013Faggots? Why call us faggots?
4/3/2013Have you no facts to present?
4/3/2013You look good in red sweetie.
1/8/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/23/2012Merry Xmas in the sky.. Sir Griffo
12/22/20122nd green for you "higher state" peace!
12/22/2012Merry Xmas. andawg221
12/21/2012Why r u so angry? God loves you
12/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/17/2012Reported Abusive Post
12/17/2012More good karma from goodmockingbird
12/17/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/17/2012Muzzie lover !
12/17/2012I predict red for you. Look! I was right.
12/16/2012Stupid slavery post.
12/14/2012Represailles 15
12/14/2012Represailles 14
12/14/2012Represailles 13
12/14/2012Represailles 12
12/14/2012Represailles 11
12/14/2012Represailles 10
12/14/2012Represailles 9
12/14/2012Represailles 8
12/14/2012Represailles 7
12/14/2012Represailles 6
12/14/2012Represailles 5
12/14/2012Represailles 4
12/14/2012Represailles 3
12/13/2012Confused theology, but at least you're trying to do research. Satan,the Adversary, was a created being - an Angel, and one of the highest ranking before his fall. Angels can and will be judged;
12/13/2012Représailles N°2
12/13/2012Représailles n°1
12/13/2012Quit karma bitching. There's 6.
12/13/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/13/2012No one cares if you give a shit or want a thread posted! Get over yourself! Asshole!
12/13/2012STFU asshole don't like it don't hang out dickwad....
12/13/2012If you don't care, don't post!
12/12/2012Sexy picture of aunty :)
12/12/2012There's nothing epic about a nation destroying EMP
12/10/2012I suppose your soul rending hate needs an outlet. At least you're not out stomping on kittens with your jackboots... -1
12/10/2012Good info friend. Love and light.
12/10/2012To offset the muslimhatertards
12/10/2012Your an idiot
12/10/2012Salam brother! keep up the good work exposing those jew zionist monsters. maybe these morons will soon realise islam is not the enemy and that the zionist jews are!!!...maybe!
12/10/2012From the benefactor who pinned your expose of zionism, keep up the good work
12/10/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
12/10/2012Fucking nazi piece of shit!
12/10/2012My red K is almost without excretion from criticizing them. Firefly
12/10/2012For trying to wake people up about zionist israel! Namaste
12/10/2012Thanks for this thread
12/9/2012Watch your corn hole muzzie
12/7/2012Braindead, Low IQ, non thinking, brainwashed, @zzhole
12/7/2012Gregor Samsa
12/6/2012ÐÑагон Ðол Ðед (<-- DBZ, if it doesn't show Cyrillic letters) :] ~ Ms.Magoo
12/6/2012You are igorant and stupid. Educate yourself before posting in political threads. Oh btw. change your avatar.
12/4/2012Muzzie Donkey
12/4/2012For standing for the muzzie shills
12/4/2012Truly man
12/4/2012You are the ignorant one and know nothing of islamists and their agenda
12/2/2012For standing to the zionist shills
12/2/2012For standing to the zionist shills
12/2/2012If you were an x-men member your power would be sucking dicks. Get red, fuckbag.
12/2/2012Muzzie supporter !
12/2/2012Supporter of terrorism and the death of children and women...very despicable character
11/30/2012For giving retards green karma.... You must be one of em
11/30/2012A real tard
11/29/2012For mother russia lol

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