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Child of Jerusalem's Karma

Total: 21 (21  User Votes) and 64

2/18/2017I release information as it's necessary. ~Chip
2/17/2017Celibate snowflake
2/14/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/14/2017Karma bitching threads are against the rules. Maybe you're just not cut out for GLP. Oh, and you're a faggot.
2/14/2017One more to delete for crying about Karma.
2/14/2017Have some more, please stop whining now
2/14/2017For your Archangel Michael prayer. - Nameless the Deplorable
2/14/2017Can't stand a man in a tank top.
2/14/2017Red for you!
2/14/2017Here's more red Gaylord
2/14/2017Isn't there a delete button?
2/14/2017Forever red!
2/14/2017You delete it like this. --Cybored
2/10/2017Greenest kindness-Lionels Love
2/10/2017Greenery for ya. ~ Wyks
2/10/2017Let me know if you receive this...
2/10/2017Works fine.
10/18/2013Random Karma--thewaywewere
9/10/2013Red bomb
9/7/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/7/2013Wtf is that?
9/7/2013I know that Avatar is not a real pic of you. Peace and Love Brother....Exemplar
9/7/2013Karma bitching
9/7/2013Stay positive and keep a good sense of humor and you will be ok on here
9/7/2013Karma bitching threads are against the rules. Maybe you're just not cut out for GLP
9/7/2013Karma bitching threads are against the rules. Maybe you're just not cut out for GLP.
9/7/2013Karma bitching threads are against the rules. Maybe you're just not cut out for GLP.
9/6/2013Homosexual - God
9/6/2013Some green for you
9/6/2013Here's some green to make up for the mean
9/6/2013Emo avatar
9/6/2013Ewww you fudge packer...
9/6/2013You realized you asked for this!!!!
9/6/2013Queer freak
9/6/2013I think your emo avy is hilarious!
9/6/2013Nice gay fuck face avatar
9/6/2013Great link you hideosus chud
9/6/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/6/2013You are very unattractive. Wear a burka for the sake of the sighted world.
9/6/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/6/2013Stop posting bullshit and put on a shirt.
9/6/2013For being a faggot asshole! MaybeTrollingU and yes, I sing bad karma.
9/6/2013Neg rep for your avatar, pure faggotry.
9/6/2013Put some clothes on - my poor eyes.
9/6/2013Put a shirt on you scrawny faggot
9/6/2013Immature fucking douchebag for posting that pic of your scrawny ass
9/6/2013This â½â½â½
9/6/2013Becuz u look like a fag
9/5/201322 and still living at home? Start owning up to responsibility and stop being a burden!
9/2/2013Go fuck a goat,stipid muzzie
9/2/2013Deluded and seriously ugly avatar.
9/2/2013Cuz I can
9/1/2013I hope that avatar *IS* You - Fucking Ugly
8/31/2013Baaa hahaha avitar
8/31/2013You shut up
8/31/2013Usa thread
8/30/2013Suck this
8/27/2013Ikhthus gives you thumbs up :D
8/27/2013Get over it, karmatard
8/27/2013I hope that avatar Isn't You - Fucking Ugly
8/27/2013Geminilion...that avatar really is disturbing lol
8/27/2013I am giving you red for that avatar of yours
8/27/2013Dang yous got a perty mouth
8/26/2013That is so true. Assad is not the suicidal idiot that he is being made out to be. katballoo
8/26/2013For the ugliest face on earth
8/26/2013Obviously. nut case

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