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FTM's Karma

Total: 12 (12  User Votes) and 21

11/24/2013UK Shill - Just Fuck Off
11/20/2013Level headed
11/17/2013Primitive monkey. You are british and suck. HEheheheheheheh
11/14/2013Another JERKOFF!!
10/31/2013Right: Dumb fucks are dumb fucks
10/16/2013Try google
9/23/2013Yeh, then fuck off fuckhead
9/12/2013Good for you FTM~putincorrect~msg to davvi~I'm sick of these ie.,davvi types. make me sad.Dawasaso
6/28/2013So what!!!!
5/23/2013I disagree
3/15/2013Fucking Twat
3/5/2013Lol @ your comment on the sinkhole thread
3/3/2013"Is it not possible the windows were blocked BEFORE the accident?" someone with common sense!:)
2/8/2013Fucking Asshole.
1/17/2013Do the planet a favor and get 100 of your friends....and jump off the top of big ben
1/17/2013Fuck off. You'll fit in better at the Huffpo comments section.
1/16/2013The people who post prolifically here are being PAID. Have fun!
1/16/2013Fuck off libbie troll or shill
1/10/2013Wishing much suffering upon you, ya left-wing craptard.
1/10/2013Good nursie laugh
1/10/2013Die you fucking POS brit commie!
1/3/2013You're a brit. really. there's nothing more to say.
1/2/2013You are sad. That is your proof? Giving bad Karma.
1/2/2013Thank you for clarifying the orb BS - Gigolo Jesus
12/25/2012Seasons greetings, trailingedge

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