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10/6/2013Not very likeable. red for you sir.
5/17/2013Just so everyone knows, i was banned =) For no reason at all. Ill be back! DontBeAfraidEVER!
5/14/2013Good Karma from ACM :)
5/6/2013Green :) ACM
4/30/2013Face was here
4/29/2013Good Karma :) ACM
4/29/2013Bless- seer
4/22/2013Karma drive by from ..11:11.. Much love!
4/22/2013Have a great week -Face
4/19/2013Good Karma :) ACM
4/18/2013Bless- seer
4/17/2013Right back at ya! Wishing you a good week! Junkyard Lily :-)
4/16/2013Great find! Thanks for sharing--Katballoo
4/16/2013Greetings and wishes from insertfunnyusername :)
4/15/2013The awakening continues... and knowledge obtaining : )) peace yo 777
4/15/2013Thanks for the video's! We are All One!
4/14/2013Peace ~ A Friend
4/14/2013Love from the heart! May the divine love vibration find you in good spirits. Much love my friend! ..11:11..
4/11/2013Good Karma :) ACM
4/11/2013Random buddy karma dropping -Face!
4/5/2013You have some good threads going! Thanks! Who is Blue Fairy
4/3/2013May the doom be with you -Face
4/3/2013Humpday driveby karma :bananasex:
4/3/2013Good Karma :) ACM
4/2/2013Greetings from Greece! - insertfunnyusername :)
3/30/2013Have a Blessed Easter! EleKtroN was here :)
3/30/2013Beautiful words on your truth thread - Junkyard Lily :-)
3/30/2013Thanks for the info, have a great weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/30/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
3/28/2013Specialkarma just for YOU!
3/26/2013Aloha- seer
3/26/2013Norwegian and New Ager that's TWO JOKES IN ONE :D
3/26/2013Greetings from the board-crew ~ Artaius
3/26/2013Have a nice easter weekend -Face
3/26/2013Good post...karma from .... When Does It Begin?
3/26/2013Greetings from ANHEDONIC....
3/26/2013The awakening continues...GET ON BOARD. Great post! Much love! ..11:11..
3/25/2013I'm on board, much love :) paler
3/24/2013Not Afraid ~ A Friend
3/24/2013Good Karma :) ACM
3/22/2013Truly beautiful video, thank you - Parabola
3/20/2013Very good and positive poster! :) Green forever, Sloane
3/19/2013Much love back at ya, wishes for a great week ahead! - insertfunnyusername :)
3/19/2013Hi my friend! Some green power-up for you ~ Artaius
3/18/2013You know
3/18/2013Door bell = house bell ^_^
3/18/2013Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. Much love! ..11:11..
3/17/2013Good Karma :) ACM
3/15/2013Friday Green from Bowman.
3/14/2013Wise one
3/14/2013With love and appreciation, 141
3/14/2013Sometimes I just talk... ~ A Friend
3/13/2013Thank you!!
3/13/2013Nice meeting you as well :-) Rising Son
3/12/2013You can awakened and found the answer, continue to spread the word... Deej
3/12/2013Top notch post !! and great inspiration ! - veracious common sense.
3/12/2013The miracle is in the MOMENT! Adventus Domini
3/12/2013More New Age Crap
3/12/2013Aloha- seer
3/12/2013Nice work with your new thread - ANHEDONIC
3/12/2013Love :)
3/12/2013Great perspective on living in the moment ~ Junkyard Lily :-)
3/12/2013Brilliant thread: The miracle is in the MOMENT! Change your life today. Thank you! Heavenly Alchemy
3/12/2013Welcome to the Tribe Wayseer. Amy A
3/12/2013I love your postsâ¦and you! Curiosityâ¦we need more of it. ~ p.borealis
3/12/2013Always inspiring and encouraging threads and posts - and for exciting oral hygiene practices :) - Parabola
3/12/2013For all the help/Advice u have given me this past month :) <3
3/12/2013I live in the now as well :) WeAreOne.
3/11/2013Peace be with your spirit! -The Sonic Dreamer
3/11/2013Never stop
3/8/2013Greetings from Athens, Greece :)
3/8/2013Good Karma :) ACM
3/7/2013Greetings from Greece, have fun, take care! - insertfunnyusername :)
3/5/2013Blessed- seer
2/28/2013Peace be with your spirit! -The Sonic Dreamer
2/28/2013Good Karma :) ACM
2/28/20131 Tusen hjertelig takk for karma... I guess.
2/27/2013WOOOORD, WE ARE WINNING BROTHER : ) peace yooo ONE LOVE - ExTraDimensionaL777
2/27/2013Great poster, gentle soul! Hope you having a great day, take care! - insertfunnyusername :)
2/27/2013Lots of love to you, and thanks... From Danmark to Norge <3 141
2/26/2013Beautiful ascension doom harvest thread, Luv fr Who is Blue Fairy
2/25/2013For your ever encouraging words! - MI
2/25/2013The same brother, andrei
2/24/2013From requiem
2/23/20131 -No reward
2/23/2013For not waiting. For spreading reason, understanding, and sincere sentiments. Thank you - Parabola
2/23/2013Thx for the welcome
2/23/2013Saturday Special karma from Bowman. : )
2/23/2013Look INSIDE YOU!!! For there is where you will find the Beast...gd2balive
2/22/2013I love your way of thinking
2/22/2013What are YOU waiting for? Well said! Much love my friend!
2/22/2013Something Wonder Full is going to Happen! --sTTsTTT
2/20/2013Be kind to unkind people - thanks for the reminder :) Sloane
2/20/2013Gren love. - Pigsinspace
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