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John Cocktosen's Karma

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11/19/2013RaCock!!!! #mister_worldwide
5/11/2013Best link thank you so much -SteamrolledGobias
4/23/2013Green thumb from Dr. Rosenpenis
4/23/2013Good thread John....cowgirlk
4/22/2013Good thread thanks -Steamrolled
4/21/2013Stfu with the mossad shit..you sound like a simpleton
4/19/2013Well said! Good to see there are some wise Americans left
4/19/2013Hiya VC buddy! Bluebird
4/13/2013Always enjoy chat's with you in the room...cowgirlk
3/13/2013Missed you in chat last night..it was a good one..cowgirlk
3/4/2013Hiya! Bluebird
2/20/2013Cheers mate.. Sir Griffo
2/11/2013For your support on my thread - Indysindy
2/10/2013What up fucker ,. manu
2/8/2013Voice Chat is always fun with you John...Cowgirlk
2/7/2013Greatest show on tv right now. AxE
2/7/2013Good stuff i love BBT
2/7/2013Peace from axo az
2/2/20135 indeed
1/31/2013Thanks - backatcha -mm
1/24/2013Thanks for all the laughs on chat..cowgirlK
1/23/2013Good post on the Afrikaner...Chas
1/19/2013Glad you found my humor. pool
1/18/2013Good posts on Art Bell
1/18/2013Big Dummy
1/17/2013For being obnoxious.
1/17/2013Give it a rest jackass
1/13/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/4/2013Thanks for the info. --JeepersCreepers
1/4/2013You said it all! SLIPPERY NIPPPS
1/3/2013Thanks for reading thread on pyramids. iam legion
1/1/2013Da jooooos is gonna getcha! da jooooos!
1/1/2013Good catch on Jack Reacher title, hahaha really funny :D
1/1/2013"Because THEY have a sticker of a fish on their car and YOU don't!" Now that's funny. :)
1/1/2013Sauce for the gander is also sauce for the goose

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