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9/21/2013What are you 18 now?
6/12/2013There will come a day when you loathe the tattoo on your left arm.
5/28/2013I agree
5/28/2013You owe me reparations, pay up sucker
5/28/2013You're an idiot
5/28/2013Total sheeple, what the fuck are you doing on GLP?
5/13/2013For an honest and common sense response to the OP's thread title.
5/13/2013You are so fulla shit. What a wast of good air...
5/10/2013Get lost
4/28/2013Peace from Az Axo
4/22/2013Drnkass aussie dumbasses are the earth's hemmoroids.
4/17/2013Total evil
4/16/2013Returning favor idiot
4/16/2013For speaking sense and not being a hypocrite :)
4/13/2013For fighting the good fight.
4/11/2013Peace from Az Axo :)
4/11/2013Hi there!
4/1/2013Agitates churchbots, therefore must be human
4/1/2013You're an asshole.
3/31/2013Just another Turd U R
3/31/2013I do my best -- mordier
3/31/2013And *you* are funny?
3/27/2013For being HIV positive and barbacking German queers
3/27/2013Great post on "Gay Marriage Supporter" thread - TheSuperMarket
3/16/2013You make sense.
3/16/2013Filthy faggot ... why dont u simply kill yourself and end your disgusting gene pool
3/13/2013You suck
3/13/2013"How can we afford this?" "Who gave him the right?" "Obama is Joesph Stalin?" "Obama is Hitler" "Obama is a Zionist" "Obama is a Muslim"
3/13/2013Tattoo in pic
3/9/2013Tatoo in pic.
3/7/2013Peace from azaxo ;P
3/2/2013For being an Obama Tard and a chump.
3/2/2013'Useful Idiot.' And the sad thing here is, you don't know HOW or WHY you're being used. You better figure it out...
3/2/2013Hateful left-wing shitbag.
2/26/2013Reported Abusive Post
2/26/2013Atheist, quotes breaking bad, unconscious of relevant issues.
2/24/2013Atheist, quotes breaking bad, conscious of relevant issues.
2/24/2013Fuck u gunless aussie
2/24/2013Get real!
2/24/2013Scumbag facist Australian
2/23/2013Hates the letter t
2/22/2013From one Hitchens fan to another -Chopinrocks
2/21/2013Disease carrying knob-gobbler. I hope your asshole falls out, gaggot.
2/20/2013Good morning
2/18/2013Aww, you know Jesus loves you, resistance is futile.
2/18/2013Didn't like your post beyonce.
2/10/2013Unfortunaly you are a bad person.
2/8/2013Another Austrailian Cocksucker ! HAHAHAHAHAHAH !!! LOSER!
2/8/2013New name, same stupid shill! Ldreamer100
2/8/2013A guy needs SOME greens, some times... -- mordier
2/8/2013Left wing shitbag
2/5/2013From israel
2/4/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
2/2/2013Rock on! Heres some green for you!
2/2/2013Oh noooo's i got red karma?!
2/2/2013Here, have some. And, it's obvious how they work, you retarded juggalo
2/2/2013Karma red !
2/2/2013Green to replace your red
2/2/2013Fuck off asshole
2/2/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/2/2013From requiem
1/28/2013Fuck off.
1/28/2013Cock sucking wanker.
1/28/2013Arrogant, brain dead loser...fuck off penal colony boy
1/28/2013Evil Seagull Karma.. Sir Griffo
1/4/2013Succint and on point
1/3/2013Hot enough!....Mr2
1/3/2013Prettty hot not
1/2/2013Green for a lovely soul, elemental xx
1/2/2013Thanks for the karma man! Here's some in return! ~ Rockarchy
1/1/2013A truer fool does not exist (LSDreamer)
1/1/2013For the "born an atheist" line, totally killed the thread cold, awesome. -L. Charms
1/1/2013Welcome and happy new year....morgan
1/1/2013Happy new years. Heres a green to make up for that red -dapurps
1/1/2013Happy New Year!
12/31/2012A new shill to added to ignore.

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