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The Eunuchorn's Karma

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8/22/2015The Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis - Why Everything Is Exploding!
6/3/2013Son of God New Jerusalem Russ; you're evil
5/23/2013"I'm begging you, do ( NOT) watch this vid & share on Facebook". Got a headache from watching. Barf.
5/18/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/7/2013Leave Dace be..he's no shill, New-B.
5/5/2013Hating & wishing anyone dead is so not cool....ohnonotagain
5/5/2013Acting like INTJ makes you God
5/4/2013Yo Yo Ma --- Juggalo ;-)
5/4/2013Cuz yo mama jokes still crack me up ~BossBitch
5/3/2013Nibiru is real you stupid fuck.
5/3/2013Nibiru is real you stupid fuck.
4/16/2013Hi INTJ me too sometimes INTP anotherone
4/12/2013First! Douchebag :-D
4/12/2013Thanks :) from Loophole
4/11/2013For truth
3/31/2013Nothing of interest to see here....
1/11/20131 for the new ID :) > issuex

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