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4/24/2013Septenary Man
4/18/2013P Az Axo
4/16/2013For your support to BEZERK xxxMzK
4/12/2013Testing, testing. Testing of KArma System. Well, Hot Diggity Dog! It WORKS!
4/8/2013Yay smilies! ;P from Az Axo
4/6/2013Stupid kid flee
4/4/2013I stole one of your smiles D:]{-<>< ty
3/26/2013Ezrin, you rock man - BHD
3/10/2013Look at what beauty is forgotten. pool
3/9/2013Peaceful green from azaxo :)
3/4/2013Great avatar! ~ Gigolo Jesus
3/4/2013Keep on keeping on!!! my friend - BHD

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