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8/23/2013Trollol ~ lMao! ~ Shamar
8/23/2013United against Bible-Tards - InToTheLight
8/23/2013Insane crazy asshole baby. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH change my diaper.
8/23/2013Zombie Hunter
8/21/2013Insane crazy asshole baby. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH change my diaper.
8/19/2013Thanks Lamplite
8/14/2013Karma whore; obviously cruises GLP for the poontang. nasty.
8/13/2013Hey can't reply by pm. I have karma if you want an ip ban immunity let me know. manu
8/10/2013Saturday karma!....>>>>Settle4​It<<<<
8/9/2013Lamplite :)
8/8/2013Atheist devil
8/7/2013Citizens of the United States of FUAAAA, UNITE! =) Inerrancia
8/6/2013All good! :) --AkashicRecord
8/6/2013Crying over someone's smiley? seriously. grow the fuck up.
8/6/2013For my friend ~ Shamar
8/6/2013Someone is signing your name to -karma, or you are just a dick with a low IQ
7/28/2013Thank you!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
7/24/2013Hope you are having a good week my friend! :D calx
7/23/2013Thanks :) Lamplite
7/20/2013Oh Brother, where were you???? =) Inerrancia
7/20/2013Happy FUAturday!--eekers
7/16/2013Stopping jesus myths A++ 00 -- super bowl dave
7/14/2013It does not bother me, i think his face is hilarous _BAA
7/14/2013Stop spamming like a retard
7/13/2013Kowabunga :)....love-love, cosmicgypsy
7/13/2013Hallo friend! :D calx
7/13/2013Fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​ . manu
7/13/2013P Love Angels... now how do you feel? lol
7/11/2013Don't know what your last 'green' means, but thanks! ~K2tC
7/11/2013Brief :)
7/11/2013Green from Az Axo :)
7/11/2013SO freaky I was just wondering what does FUAAA mean? And then your comment - ahaha you are reading my mind! But tell me! :) Sloane
7/9/2013Haz un thread! DO IT!!!! =)) Inerrancia
7/7/2013For the FUAAAAA!!--eekers
7/6/2013Boot :)_ ```````
7/3/2013Bollocks to the karma trolls :-D Ming
7/3/2013Some green to counter the troll gang ~ Tigershield
7/3/2013Fair enough. Apologies for suspicion. My last remaining karma vote, from K2tC
7/3/2013Thank you! :D calx
7/2/2013'Speculative and unknown' feel same. That was a very good post! Have a nice day. Sloane
7/1/2013When injustice becomes law, resistance to the law becomes duty. Sounds
7/1/2013BUENOS DIAS!!! =) Inerrancia
7/1/2013Howdy do! - Eireann~
6/27/2013Hostile post.
6/23/2013Thanks! from K2tC
6/18/2013Green for you before I leave. keep giving the morons heaps. Paul777
6/17/2013Thank you!
6/16/2013Thanks and likewise. Manu
6/14/2013Thanks - Lamplite
6/13/2013Looking forward to continuing :)
6/13/2013Thank you for your kind reply in my "rant" thread :) - Eireann~
6/12/2013Hail nazi
6/11/2013Thanks -- K2tC
6/9/2013For calling out the use of fear-tactics - ANHEDONIC
6/8/2013I love pissing off russ. psg
6/7/2013So nice to meet you reason...and thanks again for the music :) (((hugs))) Love Spirit666
6/7/2013Thank u, fellow pitbull lover...u are awesome, too. Krystal
6/7/2013Thank you!
6/3/2013Son of God New Jerusalem Russ, Go to hell Nazi
5/21/2013Thank you for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen.
5/15/2013Thanks for an open minded approach to science! Clovis
2/16/2013Green for a good person. :) Sloane
2/16/2013Negative asshole thru and thru, so much 'smarter' than everyone else - NOT
2/15/2013Dont forget your spirit in all this quantum mechanics =) DontBeAfraidEVER
2/15/20132+2=5 reply - ANHEDONIC
2/14/2013For understanding on "God" thread, ehecatl
2/7/2013When you cease knowing everything, you might just learn something.
2/7/2013Go away. You spew negativity.
2/7/2013Reported Abusive Post
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